30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas

DIY Backyard Ideas & Projects

It’s easy to get stuck in a creative gardening rut.

You may even begin to lose your passion for gardening altogether.

Don’t let this happen! It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get creative with some DIY backyard ideas.

If you’ve been pondering over new backyard ideas but haven’t come up with anything worthwhile, these DIY garden ideas could be for you.

1. Mosquito Repelling Torch

Mosquito Repelling Torch - 30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas, Australian Outdoor Living.
Mosquito Repelling Torch.

Source: gerardotandco.com

Mosquitos can be such a pain when you’re trying to sit outside in the evening.

Banish them with this nifty mosquito repelling torch.

2. Wooden Garden Bench

Wooden Garden Bench - 30 Backyard DIY Projects Ideas, Australian Outdoor Living.
Wooden Garden Bench.

Source: DIY Home Décor Guide

Sometimes simple is best. This bench encompasses that idea.

Just take two wood logs of equal diameter and length and place a long, flat piece of wood on top of them.

Secure them together with steel nails and voila, your new bench is finished!

3. Backyard Teepee – A great idea!

Backyard Teepee - 30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas, Australian Outdoor Living.
Backyard Teepee.

Source: The merry thought

Make the dreams of your children (or your own) come true with this DIY tepee.

Stock up on popcorn, some great books and a lantern before heading out to spend the night in your very own tepee.

4. Backyard Fire Pit

Backyard Fire Pit - 30 Backyard DIY Projects Ideas, Australian Outdoor Living.
Backyard Fire Pit.

Source: Diy cosy home

Keep your backyard cosy all year round with your very own fire pit.

It’s a guaranteed way to keep yourself warm outdoors in the cooler months.

This YouTube tutorial should set you on your way.

5. Swings around the Fire Pit

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Swings around the Fire Pit, Australian Outdoor Living.
Swings around the Fire Pit.

Source: Handimania

Now you have your fire pit built, why not add in some swings to complete the experience?

You’ll be living the self-made, luxury life.

6. Rustic Rope Swing

30 Backyard DIY Projects Ideas - Rustic Rope Swing, Australian Outdoor Living.
Rustic Rope Swing.

Ahhh ye olde rope swing, a classic that can’t be overlooked.

This rope swing is cheap to make and will be enjoyed by those both big and small.

7. Backyard Pizza Oven

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Backyard Pizza Oven, Australian Outdoor Living.
Backyard Pizza Oven.

Source: HGTV

Become the most popular person in your friend circle with this wood fired pizza oven.

Everyone will be flocking to your backyard on chilly evenings and summer nights.

8. Backyard Bar

30 Backyard DIY Projects Ideas - Backyard Bar, Australian Outdoor Living.
Backyard Bar.

Source: Turtles and Tails

Hey, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, which is the perfect excuse to build a bar in your backyard for easy access!

This fold-down bar is a fun weekend activity to do, especially if you can bribe your friends with a cocktail to help you out.

9. Sandpit

30 DIY Backyard Project Ideas - Sandpit, Australian Outdoor Living.

Bring the beach to your backyard with this DIY project.

Making your next backyard DIY a sandpit for your kids will definitely put you in the good books for a while.

Here’s a very easy-to-follow guide on making your own sandpit for the backyard!

10. DIY Rope Hammock

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - DIY Rope Hammock, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Rope Hammock.

Source: Kinfolk

A serene garden is not complete without a hammock.

Instead of being lazy and buying one, why not make your own?

Kinfolk Magazine has a simple tutorial that is bound to bring out your inner hipster.

11. Bird Bath

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Bird Bath, Australian Outdoor Living.
Bird Bath.

Source: Little Things

This mosaic bird bath is made from broken up CDs (hello 21st century) and will attract birds from far and wide.

It’s also a great way to fix up an old bird bath that’s falling apart.

12. DIY Bird Feeder

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - DIY Bird Feeder, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Bird Feeder.

Source: All things heart and home

Sure, the birds in your garden now have some water, but what about food?

This feeder will bring all the birds to the yard.

13. Raised Garden Bed

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Raised Garden Bed, Australian Outdoor Living.
Raised Garden Bed.

Source: Popular Mechanics

If you don’t have a green thumb, raised garden beds take the hassle out of gardening.

You don’t have to worry about having bad soil when you can create your own perfect soil mix in these little raised garden beds.

14. Make Your Own Flower Pot People

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Make Your Own Flower Pot People, Australian Outdoor Living.
Make Your Own Flower Pot People.

Source: The owners builder network

Remember Bill and Ben, the flower pot men?

A children’s classic.

And now you can have your very own flower pot people in your garden.

15. Garden Pond

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Garden Pond, Australian Outdoor Living.
Garden Pond.

A pond is a lovely touch to any garden.

This step-by-step guide will guide you in creating your own garden pond.

You will also need a water pump, underlay and pond liner so it may be easier if you just buy a good pond set.

16. Terracotta Pot Table

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Terracotta Pot Table, Australian Outdoor Living.
Terracotta Pot Table.

Source: Dukes and Duchess

All you need is a large terracotta pot to make this handy small table.

No need to splash out on a fancy designer garden table when you can make your own at little-to-no cost.

17. Build-Your-Own Greenhouse

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Build Your Own Greenhouse, Australian Outdoor Living.
Build-Your-Own Greenhouse.

Source: Northern Homestead

When the cold weather begins to set in a greenhouse comes in handy to keep your vegetables nice and warm.

This innovative GeoDome greenhouse is bound to do the trick.

18. DIY Planting Board

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - DIY Planting Board, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Planting Board.

Source: Pitty Pat Pages

Plant seeds at lightning speed with this handy planting board.

All you need is some old corks and plywood!

19. Mosaic Stepping Stones

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Mosaic Stepping Stones, Australian Outdoor Living.
Mosaic Stepping Stones.

Source: iCreativeIdeas

Brighten up any garden with these lovely mosaic stepping stones.

You’re only a hop, skip and jump away from having them in your garden too.

20. DIY Fence Table

30 DIY Backyard Prject Ideas - DIY Fence Table, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Fence Table.

Source: Sensibly Sara

After completing this DIY fold out table, you’ll finally have somewhere to rest your drink on while you relax and take in the beauty of your backyard.

21. Backyard Movie Theatre

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Backyard Movie Theatre, Australian Outdoor Living.
Backyard Movie Theatre.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Why pay to go the cinema when you can build your own movie theatre in your backyard?

For the total experience, check out our moonlight movie night tips.

22. DIY Tree House

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - DIY Tree House, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Tree House.

Source: Make Zine

Ethan Schlussler’s treehouse, with bicycle powered elevator, is certainly kicking treehouse goals.

If you don’t want to follow in his steps, you can make a simpler, child-friendly treehouse for your garden.

23. Garden Grass Bed

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Garden Grass Bed, Australia Outdoor Living.
Garden Grass Bed.

Source: Neatorama

With this garden bed, you can dream about the next DIY backyard project you’ll be undertaking.

Lie down and stargaze at night and feel your worries slip away.

24. DIY Rain Barrel

30 Backyard DIY Prject Ideas - DIY Rain Barrel, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Rain Barrel.

Source: Tixeertne

This eco-friendly rain barrel should definitely be your next DIY project.

You can, of course, use a plastic barrel instead of an old wine barrel.

But then you miss out on that nice, rustic aesthetic.

25. DIY Beer Trap

30 DIY Backyard Project Ideas - DIY Beer Trap, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY Beer Trap.

Source: SteveR-

This boozy DIY garden project will trap all those nasty snails and slugs that eat your vegetables.

But at least they’ll die happy.

26. Rainboot Garden

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Rainboot Garden, Australian Outdoor Living.
Rainboot Garden.

Source: The Chic

Embrace the rainy season with this cute Rainboot garden.

It’s the perfect way to recycle your kid’s gumboots after they’ve grown out of them.

27. Hanging Pallet Garden

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Hanging Pallet Garden, Australian Outdoor Living.
Hanging Pallet Garden.

Source: Design Sponge

Join the trend and create your own vertical garden!

You can usually pick a pallet up from the local garden store for free, so this is a cheap DIY project that has beautiful results.

28. Orange Seed Pot

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Orange Seed Pot, Australian Outdoor Living.
Orange Seed Pot.

Source: My Roman Apartment

Possibly one of the cheapest garden hacks out there: use your old orange skin to grow seedlings in.

Once it has become a seedling you can re-plant it in your backyard.

29. Creative Plant Markers

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Creative Plant Markers, Australian Outdoor Living.
Creative Plant Markers.

Source: Homespun Sprout

Add a little bit of fun to your garden with these spoon plant markers.

Just grab some old metal spoons and get creative with some coloured markers.

30. Wind Chimes

30 Backyard DIY Project Ideas - Wind Chimes, Australian Outdoor Living.
Wind Chimes.

Source: Consumer Crafts

This fun DIY wind chime is made from green and blue sea glass.

Head down to the beach and forage for your own to save yourself some money.

An added bonus of using sea glass is it creates some beautiful reflections when the sun hits it.

Of course, not all projects are DIY projects.

And for your backyard, there are some things you’ll want to leave to the professionals.

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