6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist

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6 Awesome DIY backyard design ideas

Now, we’re not ranking seasons, but it would be safe to say that spring is one of our favourite times of the year.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, flowers are blooming and it’s finally safe to go outside without a heavy-duty coat and gumboots.

Some of our favourite things about this glorious season are the little sparks of creativity that pop into our mind.

After being huddled up for three months, we just want to get outside and get our hands dirty.

Here are just a few of our favourite DIY ideas to refresh your backyard design this spring!

1. Wind chimes

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - Wind Chimes, Australian Outdoor Living.
Wind chimes.

Bring some peace and tranquillity to your backyard with some DIY wind chimes.

Sit back with a cup of coffee and inhale the fresh spring air while enjoying the gentle tinkling of the soft breeze running through your DIY wind chimes.

You can make a wind chime with almost anything metallic – pots, CDs and keys are a popular choice, but we’re making ours this season with cutlery to keep it simple.

Drill a hole into the ends of your forks and spoons, and thread them to a coat hanger or colander using strong wire.

We’ve also seen some cute ideas such as using a tea pot or horse shoe as the base on Pinterest!

2. Create your own backyard yoga retreat

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - Create your own backyard yoga retreat, Australian Outdoor Living.
Create your own backyard yoga retreat.

If you’re looking to find a bit of calm in your life, but don’t have the money or the time to join a yoga studio, then turn your backyard into your own yoga retreat this spring.

All you need to do is find an open, flat space in your backyard.

Create a slightly textured floor from sand or pebbles, and add a water feature to bring some serenity into the space!

There are some beautiful DIY water feature ideas here.

3. Biodegradable seedling cups

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - Biodegradable seedling cups, Australian Outdoor Living.
Biodegradable seedling cups.

Photo credit: 3 BP

Biodegradable seedling cups can end all your problems when it comes to getting your seedlings to grow once in the ground.

We make ours out of newspaper, and you can plant the seedlings straight into the ground in the cup to prevent stressing the roots.

Simply fold four 15 to 20 centimetre squares of newspaper into thirds one way, and then another.

Fold the edges down to form four corners and staple them into place!

View more detailed instructions here.

4. DIY bird feeder

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - DIY bird feeder, Australian Outdoor Living.
DIY bird feeder.

Photo credit: Gardening Know How

Get the birds into your backyard with a DIY bird feeder.

You’ll soon have lots of chirpy little friends to bird-watch over the spring and summer months.

You can find loads of easy DIY bird feeders here.

Our favourite is the wooden spoon bird watcher.

It’s simply a plastic bottle with wooden spoons through it, angled so the birdfeed trickles out.

Tie some twine through the top and hang it from your favourite tree!

This is a great activity to do with the kids over the school holidays.

5. Stencilled pavers

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - Stencilled pavers, Australian Outdoor Living.
Stencilled pavers.

Image via Pinterest

This is a great way to personalise your backyard design and refresh your garden pavers.

There are only three items you need: your pavers, a stencil and a spray paint colour of your choice!

Set up an area in open space, laying down newspaper or old fabric.

Place the stencil over your washed and dried paver and spray away.

Once your first coat has dried, spray on a second layer to keep it durable.

You may want to put on a third coat of sealer to protect your masterpiece.

Once dry, create a path with your new pavers throughout your garden!

6. Tyre garden beds

6 Awesome DIY Backyard Design Ideas for Spring You Won’t Be Able to Resist - Tyre Garden Beds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Tyre garden beds.

Photo credit: Espresso Essential

Worn out old tyres can be one of the toughest things to throw away, and if your family is anything like ours, you might have a few of them piling up in Dad’s garage.

Bring your old tyres out of retirement by turning them into colourful garden beds.

Paint the outside of your tyre with a colour of your choice (we love pastels), place it where you’d like in the garden and fill it with compost and dirt.

Stack them up to create a cool backyard design feature.

Once in position, plant with your favourite spring time plants (maybe even using our seedling cups) and watch your tyre garden bloom!

And of course your garden looks all the more better when you’ve given it a solid makeover.

Read here for more DIY backyard design ideas.

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