8 Unusual Uses for Artificial Grass

8 Uses for Artificial Grass That are a bit Unusual 

Sometimes the joy of home making is the chance to get creative.

The very material you use for a beautiful no-maintenance artificial grass can have a dearth of other more unusual uses you may not have considered before.

Here are just a few suggestions:

Table runner

Footy season is just around the corner.

Why not theme your next sport-watching event by imitating the pitch on your table?

A 12-foot long artificial grass can make an original table runner.

Or you can go the whole hog and create a custom-sized tablecloth of artificial grass.

Balcony surface

Do you have a terrace or balcony?

Why not give it a more outdoor feel by carpeting it with artificial grass?

Better yet if you have space for a rooftop garden, give it the true garden feel by installing a layer of artificial grass.

Artificial grass can be installed in unusual places even balconies.
Artificial grass perfect to give you an outdoor feel.

Backyard golf

Any golf fans at home? You could set up a private putting area.

It can be tucked away in the basement or spare room; simply set up a patch of lawn and measure out a hole and you are good to go!

Play golf in your yard with artificial grass.
Turn your yard into a putting green with artificial grass.

Pool surrounds

Reduce the slippery surfaces around the outdoor pool by setting up turf around the perimeter.

Then you can splash all you like without worry about mopping up afterwards!

Eliminate slippery surfaces around your pool with artificial grass.
Artificial grass is perfect as a surround for your pool.

Playground cover

If you have a play set for your kids in your backyard, setting turf underneath will make the area safer – or at least minimize any inevitable mishaps.

It will also help to give some traction to hyperactive kids so they will have less falls (at least that’s the theory!).

Kids love playing on artificial grass.
Cover the kids play area with artificial grass.

Camouflage fort

Kids love secret places.

Make a day of it and build a camouflage tree house or fort out of turf.

What kid won’t want to brag about their new covert operations hidden in plain sight?

Pet cushion

Line the critter crates!

Do you have a rabbit, dog, parrot, or snake?

Any pet would love to have artificial grass to cushion their crates and lay down on when they have to rest up.

Wall decor!

If you want to get really creative, go all out.

Make an indoor garden by lining the walls, floors, or ceilings to really create that green feel.

If that’s too much, design a mural with the grass sectioned along one wall.

Or simply accent the room with patches of turf on the ceiling fan panels, the lampshades, covering a chair, or as a background for a water element.

Grass replacement

Lastly you can use your artificial grass as … an artificial lawn.

An easy, eternally green, mud-free, and maintenance-free solution to lawn care!

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Artificial grass is the perfect replacement for natural grass.
Replace your natural grass with artificial grass.

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