AOL’s huge range of operating systems makes it easy to roll up your outdoor blinds.

Have you been thinking of getting a set of outdoor blinds installed in your outdoor living area, but are unsure about which operating system to choose?

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of outdoor blinds take away that uncertainty, giving you the option to choose between three distinct automatic and manual operating systems.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, our outdoor blinds come with an operating system that is both reliable and easy to use. All three of our systems add to the functionality of your blinds and complement the overall aesthetic.

The mechanisms are also free of unsightly straps, pulleys and zips, making them practical and safe.

The clean designs of all three of our operating systems also ensures there are no gaps, adding to the look of the blinds.

How to Roll Up Outdoor Blinds - Make it easy to roll up your Outdoor Blinds with AOL's choice of Operating Systems, Australian Outdoor Living.
Make it easy to roll up your outdoor blinds with AOL’s choice of operating systems.

The range

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of blind operation systems includes the ever popular Classic system, the sleek and simple Neo system and the premium Motion system.

Each of our operating systems creates a unique space that allows you to live life outdoors for longer.   


Perfected many years ago, our Classic outdoor blinds system has passed the test of time.

The Classic is also our most versatile option, available in all 14 of our material and colour options.

Adding to its versatility is the benefit of manual operation, meaning it can be put almost anywhere and can be used on standalone structures that may not have access to electricity.

The Classic outdoor blind can also be tensioned manually, so you can have a great looking blind at any height.

Our Classic outdoor blinds will protect you and your outdoor living space from the weather. Best of all they are manufactured by Australians, for Australians, so you know they can withstand our harsh climate.

How to Roll Up Outdoor Blinds - Classic Operating System, Australian Outdoor Living.
Classic operating system.

Exclusive to Australian Outdoor Living, the Neo track blinds offer the same great benefits of our premium Motion series with the added bonus of the Classic’s manual operation.

This variation allows for a wider blind span and installation on standalone structures.

Like our Classic series, the Neo outdoor blinds are operated with an articulated crank rod.

This offers a sleek, modern and compact design, eliminating the need for any unsightly levers or pulleys.

The Neo series also includes an Italian-designed mechanical limit gearbox. This system is specifically designed to include an in-built mechanical limit, meaning that you won’t have to worry about winding your blinds too far in the wrong direction.

With the Neo series you can quickly and easily change your outdoor living area.

Go from open to enclosed, warm to cool or switch between having shade or bright sunshine. You get to choose!

A simple guide to operating outdoor blinds - The Neo series, Australian Outdoor Living.
The Neo series offers all the benefits of the Motion series, without the need for electricity.

Australian Outdoor Living’s range of Motion outdoor blinds feature premium motorised track blinds that will literally give you shelter at the touch of a button.

Like the Neo series, our Motion outdoor blinds are also exclusive to Australian Outdoor Living.

The Motion series is operated by remote control, giving you complete control of your outdoor space with the touch of a button.

This remote operated system also gives users the ability to operate up to five blinds with one single controller – it really is that easy!

The design of our Motion series ensures there are no gaps, enhancing the look and functionality of the blind. This ensures that no leaves or debris can come in, giving you one less thing to worry about.

This exciting features means wind, rain and bugs will never become an issue.

Our premium Motion system will enhance your entertaining area and leave your visitors in awe.

With its electrical capabilities the Motion series can completely transform your outdoor area with just a touch of a button.

Go from having complete shade and protection to an open and bright space in a matter of seconds.

How to Roll Up Outdoor Blinds - Motion Operating System, Australian Outdoor Living.
Control your Motion blinds at the touch of a button.

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