Add Chic to Your Business with Café Blinds

As Australians, we love the great outdoors! Café blinds bring the outdoors to any dining experience. They allow for versatility, flexibility and are a great addition to any growing business.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we understand that finding the right blinds to fit the function and aesthetic of your business can be a time-consuming and troublesome task. To make it easy, we have put together this guide to choosing, buying and installing café blinds.

Why Choose Café Blinds for Your Business?

Café blinds take the indoors outdoors. More so than ever before, outdoor dining is all the rage. Being cooped up inside is something of the past. Today, people seek alfresco experiences! Customers pick places to dine according to its atmosphere and decor over anything else. Give your business a bit of class with café blinds.

If you want your business to be attract attention, you need to be a leader in design. Granted, good food and great service are integral to the success of any business, but for your business to become ‘the place to be’ you need provide the whole experience.

If you offer a stock standard, indoor-only dining experience, it won’t be long before you get left behind. The addition of café blinds to your business will maximise your space to create a modern and relaxing dining experience.

Measured, designed and fit specifically to your business’s needs, bistro blinds provide your customers shelter from wind, rain, the winter chill and street smells. Exclusively private, or perhaps privately exclusive, café blinds allow your customers to see out, but passers-by can’t see in.

As you can probably tell, it’s a bit of a no-brainer; café blinds are a great investment for so many different aspects of your business.

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Which Blinds for My Business?

Australian Outdoor Living has an extensive range of café blinds. Having worked with countless Aussie business owners to transform the aesthetic and functionality of their business space, Australian Outdoor Living are the experts in outdoor blinds!

When it comes to choosing which blinds to best suit your business, it can be a tedious and time-consuming task. To make the whole process easy, our local team member will pay you a friendly visit. We boast an Australia-wide team of passionate professionals that will work with you to choose a design and fit to best suits your needs.

Whether you are after a sleek and modern look with darker shades, a formal design to create an exclusive space, or maybe you want a bright and open space for Sunday breakfast or brunch, we will help you decipher what blinds to choose.

Maintenance and Upkeep

At Australian Outdoor Living, we understand the busy day-to-day of a business owner. You wear the pants, t-shirt and every kind of hat there is! The last thing you need is another task added to your seemingly endless list of daily duties.

Our café blinds are made with the busy business owner in mind. They are low-maintenance and designed with easy-upkeep as a priority. Made in Australia from high quality materials, our blinds feature a winding mechanism to make extending and retracting a simple process.

Café Blinds for Your Business

There is nothing more romantic than sharing a steamy hot chocolate with a special someone. Sweetness aside, make it a memorable customer experience by taking the cosy comfort of indoors outdoors.

Still undecided about café blinds for your business?

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