Adelaide Business Australian Outdoor Living Expands Into Queensland And Tasmania

AOL managing director Colin Kuchel said the Adelaide-headquartered business would be operating in the Northern Territory next March and the ACT in July, 2014. By then, it would have a presence in every Australian state and territory.
Plans to increase the company’s product range, which included outdoor PVC cafe blinds, artificial lawn and swimming pools, were also on track, Mr Kuchel said.
“The big (product) for us will be gas fire pits, which are popular throughout the US,” he said. “The pits are connected up to domestic gas mains at the turn of a lever. We have got samples from the US.”
Subject to regulatory approval, AOL expected to launch the product in about 12 months.

AOL employs close to 300 staff nationwide and Mr Kuchel said the company was investing heavily in staff training and development.
“All of our sales consultants and design staff come twice a year to Adelaide for a four-day intense program,” he said.

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About Alex Kuchel

This is Alex. Alex is the National Brand Manager at Australian Outdoor Living (AOL). By day, she’s a member of AOL’s marketing team. She helps to conjure up ideas on how best to promote Australian Outdoor Living and enjoys working with a pretty awesome team of clever cookies. By night (and weekends), she enjoys the company of her family and friends. She’s a big believer in sun shine and does her best to enjoy it with those she loves most.”