AOL Superbike Sponsorship Races To Chequered Flag

When Australian Outdoor Living (AOL) Managing Director and motorsport fan Colin Kuchel first met Superbike rider Ben Henry back in 2010, he immediately saw something in the young pro that intuitively told him he should support him with a sponsorship.
Three years on, that gut feel has paid handsomely. Not only has the sponsorship again extended to Ben’s Cube Racing for the 2013 Australian Superbike Championships season but it’s developed far beyond financial backing. Colin and Ben now enjoy a great friendship and Colin is an avid supporter who seldom misses a race.
As Colin recalls, Ben’s drive to achieve results was immediately evident at that first meeting.
“Here was a young Superbike rider who reflected everything we at AOL admire,” he said.
“He, like AOL, is passionate about creating a winning environment in his tough but exciting field and taking full advantage of the opportunities presented.
“Ben has exceeded all expectations we have of those we sponsor, to the point where I’m now perhaps his biggest fan and make a huge effort to get to as many races as possible.”
Ben believes his preparation for the opening round of the season – which gets underway in Tasmania from April 5-7 – has been his best ever and he’s looking forward to a big campaign, with that winning finishing line in sight.
“None of this would have been possible without AOL and Colin,” Ben said.
“They’re my biggest sponsor and it’s thanks to them that I’ve gone from the guy hanging around the track to a Superbike pro earning a living doing what I’m passionate about. AOL also helped with the marketing side of my Cube Racing team though You Tube clips and a Facebook page.
“Our relationship is living proof of what a successful sponsorship delivers.”

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