Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you?

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Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in backyards around the country.

There are many benefits to installing artificial grass in your backyard, the main being that the Australian summer can be pretty unforgiving on our natural lawns.

Making the choice to install artificial grass is one thing; but wading through the information is another.

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in backyards around the country, Australian Outdoor Living.
Pets love our artificial lawn – just ask these guys!

Trying to decide which type of lawn is best for your backyard can be daunting, especially when some companies have three or four different styles.

Luckily, Australian Outdoor Living is here to help you make the right choice. We’ll take you through our entire range in detail and explain the differences between all four of our varieties of lawn.

The Fairway

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - The Fairway Range, Australian Outdoor Living.
The Fairway range is great for backyards with children and pets.

Our Fairway range of artificial grass is specifically suited for playgrounds and areas with high traffic.

It’s durable with a medium pile height of 20mm, making it perfect for families with children and pets.

It will stand up to whatever your kids and pets throw at it, meaning you won’t have to worry about it being ripped up or torn.

Best of all, the medium size pile height makes it great for backyard ball games but still soft enough so it doesn’t hurt if any clumsy kids take a tumble.

It also features a combination of emerald green and olive colouring, meaning it still looks real enough to pass as natural lawn.

It’s the best of both worlds!

The Augusta

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - The Augusta Range, Australian Outdoor Living.
Our Augusta is quite realistic, making it a favourite among our customers.

The Augusta range has brown curly thatching and a pile height of 35mm, making it one of our more realistic looking artificial grasses.

It features a mixture of two separate yarns – one a mixture of emerald green and olive and the other a mixture of green and brown – this is what gives it its more realistic look.

Its taller pile height makes it comfortable to walk on underfoot, as well giving it a warm and inviting feel.

You’ll enjoy entertaining guests all year round on your lush, green artificial grass.

We guarantee it – our Augusta range will make you want to spend every day in your backyard.

The Savannah Broad Leaf

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - The Savannah Broad Leaf Range, Australian Outdoor Living.
Savannah Broad Leaf is the premium artificial grass in our range.

The Savannah Broad Leaf range is the most luxurious artificial lawn on offer at Australian Outdoor Living.

Its 37mm pile height makes it the most realistic artificial lawn grass in our product range, giving it qualities that even natural lawn would be jealous of.

The Savannah boasts three different yarns: emerald green, olive, and a combination yarn of green and brown.

This contributes to its realistic look as well as giving it a density unrivalled by the other lawns in our range.

It also makes it incredibly soft underfoot, meaning you and the kids never have to worry about wearing shoes in the backyard again.

The Multisport

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - The Multisport Grass Range, Australian Outdoor Living.
Multisport grass is perfect for an active family.

Our Multisport range is perfect those with an active family.

It’s designed for activities, making it the ideal lawn for backyard cricket, lawn bowls, mini golf and any other sport you can play in your backyard.

With a pile height of just 10mm, the Multisport is the shortest synthetic grass in our range.

It can also be adapted for commercial use.

What makes artificial grass better than natural grass?

There are many benefits to artificial lawn. We might be a little biased, but we think it’s even better than its natural alternative!

If you install a patch of artificial grass in your backyard, you’ll find that you have extra spare time to spend with friends and family.

This is because it requires so little maintenance. You never have to mow it, and since it doesn’t grow you don’t have to water it either.

Not only will you have more spare time, but you’ll save money on the water bill as well.

Check out some other ways artificial grass can benefit your home here.

Artificial grass: which is the best lawn for you - What makes our Artificial Grass better than natural grass, Australian Outdoor Living.
Our Multisport range looks great with a backyard basketball court.

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