Artificial Grass Buyers Guide


They call Australia the “Lucky Country” for a reason! We have the perfect climate, beautiful beaches, and great outdoor culture.

Whatever your tastes, we all have one thing in common – the desire to own soft, luscious, green grass. Unfortunately, our warm climate often makes this difficult!

Keeping natural grass in good condition is not only tricky, but also costly. Expensive water bills, fertiliser and time-consuming maintenance are just a handful of reasons why artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular alternative in Australian yards.

Australian Outdoor Living’s quality range of artificial grass is incredibly realistic, luscious and green, and best of all… looks great all year round!


What’s not to love about artificial grass? With Australian Outdoor Living, you can enjoy low maintenance grass throughout both the cooler and warmer months all whilst saving money on water bills!

Imagine going away on holidays and coming back to a pristine yard, no different from when you left. With artificial grass you’ll no longer need to worry… no more mowing, watering or fertilising!

Environmentally-Friendly & Water Saving

More and more Australian homeowners are starting to consider water usage and the environmental impacts of owing natural grass in their outdoor areas. Artificial grass requires absolutely no watering or fertilising, dramatically lessening your water bill and impact on the environment. It’s a win-win!

UV Resistant & Fade Protection

At Australian Outdoor Living, our artificial grass is UV and fade resistant. Our grass stands the test of time and is guaranteed for up to 7 years. Now that’s peace of mind!

Unique Thatching

Our artificial grass is designed with a unique thatching fibre tufted into the base of the grass. It looks and feels like natural grass, containing both green and brown curly thatching. With 3 pile heights on offer, there’s something to suit everyone.

The quality of our artificial grass and our unique installation process comes together to perfectly replicate the soft, springy and supportive characteristics of natural grass. It’s soft enough to lie on and tough enough to play on!

Child, Pet & Allergy Friendly

Each and every member of your family will love Australian Outdoor Living’s artificial grass. Our grass is 100% lead free, the perfect solution for allergy sufferers and completely safe for kids and pets too!


Augusta Range

Australian Outdoor Living’s August Range is an impressively realistic looking artificial grass with brown curly thatching and the tallest pile height offered.

Savannah Broad Leaf Range

Our Savannah Broad Leaf Range is designed with a wider blade and olive/brown curly thatching. This grass boasts the highest pile density of our 3 ranges.

Fairway Range

Built to last, the Fairway Range is specifically suited for playgrounds and areas with very high traffic.


Our artificial grass is professionally installed by our fully qualified installation teams who are dedicated, experienced and take great pride in what they do. Attention to detail is what Australian Outdoor Living is all about, so you can be sure there are no cutting corners.

1. Preparation

The area will be dug out to approx. 50mm – 100mm (depending on soil and grass type) in preparation for special base material. Depending on the above, this may be completed by hand or may require the expertise of a ‘Dingo’ operator.

2. Levelling

The entire area is to be completely levelled in preparation for base materials.

3. New Base

The base is spread across the entire area, levelled and dampened in preparation for compacting.

4. Compacting Base

The base is then machine compacted to ensure foundation integrity. All edging is hand packed for additional support and strength.

5. Roll, Trim & Join

Your grass is rolled out across the area, being careful to ensure that each strip faces the same direction. Each sheet is strategically placed to minimise joins and trimmed to size. Each join is then reinforced with a unique rubber strap to ensure no movement. We also pin the grass if the need arises.

6. Defibrillation

Australian Outdoor Living has developed a unique machine defibrillation process to ensure the grass pile is raised and consistent throughout the entire area. This is critical to ensure your grass looks perfectly manicured.

7. Edging

All edges are hand scribed and edged to get that natural look to existing edging.

9. Inspection & Clean Up

Our professional installers provide a final once over inspection, sweep the area for loose sand and granulated rubber, ensuring nothing but a perfectly manicured grass is left behind.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee

They don’t leave before ensuring the customer’s satisfaction, providing and explaining the guarantee and answering any questions.


Here at Australian Outdoor Living, we are passionate about helping Australian’s transform their outdoor areas. We set new standards of excellence and innovation in outdoor living solutions. That’s why we are the market leader in artificial grass. We take pride in what we do and we don’t compromise on quality. Organise a free, no obligation measure and quote today!