Artificial Lawn vs Natural Lawn

Benefits of installing artificial lawn vs natural lawn 

Installing artificial lawn is a big decision, both financially and otherwise.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we understand that it might a hard decision choosing between artificial grass and natural grass.

After all, which is going to look the best, be eco-friendly, cost-effective, and low maintenance in the long run?

Like with any decision, it’s important to check out what’s out there if you are going to make an informed decision about choosing artificial lawn vs natural lawn.

We’ve compiled our own list below to help you with the process, and, as always, if you still have any question, we’re here to help.

Look and feel of artificial lawn vs natural lawn

We all love the smell of freshly-mown grass when stepping out into our backyard with a cuppa in hand, unfortunately, more often than not, natural grass doesn’t look, feel or even smell the way you hoped it would.

Thanks to changes in Australian weather patterns, the intense heat and increased rainfall unfortunately means your natural lawn rarely looks as stunning as it does in the photos.

In summer, the sun scorches the blades to a crisp brown and in winter, it is growing out of control.

Artificial lawn has a unique thatching fibre woven into the base which replicates the natural feel of real lawn (without the hassle of maintaining a natural lawn).

Choosing artificial grass over natural grass means you can be assured your grass will remain green and beautiful throughout the year, regardless of the level of traffic it has to handle, weather conditions or your busy schedule.

Low maintenance

Artificial Lawn vs Natural Lawn - Low maintenance, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial lawn vs natural lawn.

As we’ve said, real grass can look, feel and smell pretty amazing when it’s tended-to daily.

The sacrifice and time required to keep natural lawn vs artificial lawn looking green all year round is a huge difference.

Instead of spending your weekends wondering why you’re away from family and friends due to constant watering, mowing and fertilising of your natural lawn, switching to artificial lawn means minimal maintenance, less ongoing costs, durability and no seasonal frustration trying to keep it looking fresh and green.

When choosing artificial lawn or natural lawn, if you’re someone who struggles with work/life balance, it’s a shame (and a real hassle!) having to put aside hours of weekend time for natural lawn upkeep when artificial lawn requires minimal maintenance.


This is where we feel artificial lawn truly comes out on top.

Natural grass requires excessive amounts of watering and fertilising to keep it in tip-top condition.

Artificial lawn which needs no additional upkeep, aside from an occasional spray with the hose.

It’s easy to understand why it’s fast-becoming one of Australia’s go-to alternatives to natural grass.

Choosing artificial lawn over natural lawn means you’ll save on water and you won’t have to head out to buy unnatural chemicals which eventually seep into the soil and end up in our river systems.


To plant natural grass, you simply buy seeds, fertiliser, a sprinkler system to get the lawn growing and these are all relatively cheap.

To cover the same amount of ground with artificial grass vs natural lawn, the cost is naturally higher since you skip the growing stage completely.

With synthetic lawn, you’re paying for the instant good-looking lawn.

While the initial outlay for artificial grass may be higher, it’s important to keep in mind hidden costs generally accompany natural lawn maintenance.

Artificial lawn means ongoing costs are next to nothing and your physical and financial commitment generally ends after it’s installed (aside from the occasional hose down).

The bottom line

The bottom line is that while natural grass lawns have the appeal of being real (and if they’re well-maintained, can look amazing), artificial grass is eco-friendly, low-maintenance, hassle-free, and require virtually no expenses once installed.

If you’re looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution for your lawn this year, consider installing artificial lawn and enjoy beautiful green blades all year long.

Let us help you to create a space which encourages laughter, memories and weekends spent outdoors surrounded by family and friends – instead of one spent mowing the lawn.

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