Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play!

Be hat safe

You’ve got the sombrero, the beret, boater, and bowler, the fedora and the fez, the deerstalker, and the nightcap.

Hats are as varied as shoes, clothes, or purses. And they should be considered as essential as shoes for going outdoors.

Remember the “No Hat, No Play” rule – your hat should be the first thing you grab before you go outside.

Hang it on the coat rack or doorknob so you don’t forget it when you go outside.

Like applying sunscreen, hats provide many of the same protections against the sun.

Why wear a hat in the sun?

Hats protect against tomato-red faces (and necks, if you have the right hat) and prevent swooning fits from heat stroke.

And of course, they help combat chances of skin cancer caused by tanning or burning.

We know this beautiful country of ours is a place of extremes and the sun is no exception.

So in celebration of the hat, here are some a few useful (and not so useful) tips for your hat choices.

The sensible choice

You could go with some old favourites such as straw hats, cowboy hats, baseball caps, and akubras.

For the best protection you should be looking for a hat with a brim to provide wider coverage.

Outback and bush hats are especially beneficial since they often have neck coverings for added protection.

While we completely endorse a sensible hat selection, the crew at Australian Outdoor Living have thrown in a few curve balls with this alternative selection for those with a little more imagination

The old english

Simply apply a hanky knotted in four corners.

Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play - The Old English, Australian Outdoor Living.
The old english.

Photo credit: Donald Judge via Flickr.

I am your father

Well, it is more powerful than SPF50+!

Darth Vader offers the more complete approach to sun protection (might get a bit sweaty).

Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play - Darth Vader, Australian Outdoor Living.
The Darth Vader.

Photo credit: Roger Shultz via Flickr

The Monte Carlo

The trusty card dealer visor will ensure you are winning… this summer.

Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play - The Monte Carlo, Australian Outdoor Living.
The Monte Carlo.

(We also love this trusty Korean way of keeping out the sun…)

Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play - Korean Sun Visor, Australian Outdoor Living.
The Korean Sun Visor.

Photo credit: Elaine Adolpho via Flickr

Rush hour

The student classic – a traffic cone.

Be Hat Safe: No Hat, No Play - A Traffic Cone, Australian Outdoor Living.
A Traffic Cone.

Photo credit: Robert Jackson via Flickr.


Mate, it’s not even winter and it’s not a hat…. but at least your eyes are protected.

Be hat safe this summer and remember: “no hat, no play”.

Let us know some suggestions you might have?

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But seriously…

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