Have you ever considered installing an above ground pool?

To some, the idea of installing an above ground pool in your backyard can seem a little tacky.

When someone thinks of an above ground pool, or freestanding pool, they often think of an algae-riddled plastic shell that gets filled up using a garden hose.

But did you know you can actually install a classy above ground pool, specifically designed to fit in with other features in your yard?

It’s true! If you have a backyard on a sloping block, we can install an above ground pool to perfectly complement the slope of your yard.

We can also design an above ground pool so that it stands at a predetermined height.

This means that we can build a pool to go perfectly with an existing balcony or timber deck.

What are the benefits of choosing an above ground pool?

Nick Goodger, Pools Production Manager at Australian Outdoor Living, believes that a properly installed freestanding pool can look great in any backyard.

“There’s a number of ways that, once the pool is installed, to finish it off so that it looks appealing,” he said.

“There’s a little bit of extra stuff you can do to make sure they look right.”

According to Nick, installing a freestanding pool on a sloping block can actually be cheaper than the in-ground alternative.

“They save you the need for secondary expenses like retaining walls,” he said.

“Usually you’ll need to put a retaining wall in the ground, so generally it’s going to go deeper in the ground than what it is above.”

“The process of installing an above ground pool does away with the need to put that retaining wall in place, because effectively what we’re doing is going to the bottom of the hill, cutting into it, and then putting the pool in place.”

Nick said that despite these differences, customers shouldn’t be concerned about how long the installation might take.

“The build time is exactly the same – it can be installed in the same timeframe as an in-ground pool,” he clarified.

What are the benefits of an above ground pool - What are the benefits of an above ground pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
An above ground can look great alongside a timber deck.

What are the reasons to install an above ground pool?

According to Nick, the main reason to install an above ground pool is to ensure the finished pool reaches a certain height.

“The customer may want the pool to be finished level with a timber deck,” he said.

“So what that above ground pool will achieve is a certain height for a customer.”

If you’ve got a deck or a verandah, you may actually prefer an above ground pool.

“We had a customer that we were able to sort out with an above ground pool, and the reason why was because they had a decking that went around their house,” Nick said.

“They wanted to be able to walk off that decking and swim into their pool.

If the pool was installed at ground level they wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

“There ended up being a link between the house, the outdoor decking area and the pool.

Otherwise they would have had to leave the deck to go into the backyard and use the pool.”

The good news is that you can still install a fence and gate around an above ground pool.

Pool height doesn’t change anything when it comes staying safe around water!

Is there a chance an above ground pool will look tacky?

There is no reason whatsoever that your above ground pool won’t look as good as an in-ground pool.

According to Nick, Australian Outdoor Living can design an above ground pool to perfectly complement the style of your home.

There are plenty of ways to improve the overall aesthetic of the pool to give it a classy look.

“It just needs to be factored into the design brief,” Nick clarified.

“If there’s going to be an exposed face of the pool, what we’ve seen from customers in the past is they’ve put maybe a timber fascia-type thing on it.”

“There’s a little bit of extra stuff that you can do to make sure that they look right.”

You can talk to your consultant about ways to make the exposed side of the shell look neat.

What are the benefits of an above ground pool - Is there a chance an above ground pool will look tacky, Australian Outdoor Living.
An above ground pool is a great way to spruce up an entertaining area.

What is the process of installing an above ground pool?

The process of installing an above ground pool is similar to installing a regular in-ground pool.

Once you’ve booked your free measure and quote, we’ll send a Design Consultant out to your home to assess the site.

Our consultant would assess the site and then, if necessary, recommend an above ground pool.

The next step is to choose the shape of your pool.

You have the option of choosing from our entire range, so finding a shape to suit you will be easy.

After we’ve finalised your order, we’ll sit down with you and go through your personal pool plan.

We’ll personalise a quote, put together a proposal, and if all parties are happy, we’ll finalise the paperwork.

Our construction department would then contact you to organise a time to perform a check-measure and site inspection.

After this, we would draw up plans and submit them to your council for approval.

After the council has approved your build, we’ll order your shell.

Every shell is custom-built to your personal specifications, so it might take a little longer than you think for your shell to be ready.

After we’ve built your shell we’ll put it in storage until the predetermined installation date – at which point our construction team will begin installing your brand new pool!

Order your above ground pool today

Above ground pools don’t have to be a cheap alternative to a classy swimming pool.

There are plenty of ways to install a cost-effective and stylish above ground pool that perfectly complements your backyard.

With your help, our Design Consultants will be able to recommend an above ground pool that suits your needs.

If you have a sloping block, timber deck or pergola in your backyard, an above ground pool could be the perfect way to add that extra element to your space.

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