Comparing Artificial vs. Natural Grass for Your Lawn

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Here are some reasons to install artificial lawn instead natural lawn.

Artificial grass is quickly becoming a popular alternative to natural lawn in Australian backyards.

There are two main reasons for this: the Australian climate continues to make it difficult to maintain natural lawn and our lives are becoming busier by the day.

Australians are looking for long-term, cost effective solutions that are low maintenance, pet friendly and a perfect fit for families looking to enjoy their time outdoors. That’s where artificial lawn comes in!

Best of all, the range of artificial turf that Australian Outdoor Living offers all look and feel great!

In this post we will go through some considerations to make when you next find yourself asking, “should I install artificial grass or natural grass?“.

Artificial lawn vs natural lawn - artificial grass withstands the tough Australian climate and looks pristine all year round, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass withstands the tough Australian climate and looks pristine all year round.


Unfortunately for people that have natural grass, the climate can play a big part in how their lawns will look. One of the big benefits of artificial grass is that it withstands the tough Australian climate and looks pristine all year round.

Artificial turf from Australian Outdoor Living is 100% drought proof and need absolutely no watering. This means it will stay lush and green all year round, even when there is no rain!

Another great benefit that artificial lawn has over natural grass is that it is UV and fade resistant. This means the bristles in the lawn won’t disintegrate and the colour of the lawn won’t change over time.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass doesn’t turn brown if it’s getting too much sun and not enough water. Artificial lawn from Australian Outdoor Living is guaranteed to keep its colour for up to seven years!

Artificial lawn vs natural lawn - Low maintenance solution, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass is a low maintenance solution.


Artificial grass is perfect for people who desire an exceptionally low maintenance lawn. Our lifestyles are becoming busier and our weekends are now more precious than ever, so it makes sense that people want to make the most of their spare time.

There’s no doubt that natural lawns look great when they are well maintained, however it takes a lot of work to get them looking the way we want.

Artificial grass compared to natural grass looks pristine all year round, with absolutely zero hassle!

Reclaim those lovely days off when you install Australian Outdoor Living’s artificial turf and enjoy not having to worry about mowing, edging or fertilising.

Synthetic lawns also don’t require water, not only saving you time but also money when your next water bill comes in.

Artificial lawn vs natural lawn, Artificial grass is child and pet friendly, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass is child and pet friendly.

Child and pet friendly

Our complete range of artificial lawns are both child and pet friendly.

They are completely safe for children and pets to lay and play on. Our quality lawns are extremely resilient and won’t be affected by pet urine.

Unlike real grass, artificial grass contains no harsh chemicals or heavy metals. Natural grass requires both strong fertilisers and harsh weed killing chemicals to keep it looking good.

Those chemicals may include allergens and carcinogens which are not only harmful for the environment but for us as well.

Synthetic grass is also great for people that suffer from allergies! Rye grass and dust are the two main culprits that cause hay fever during those spring and summer months, and unfortunately they can be nearly impossible to control in your yard.

Installing artificial turf means there will be minimal dust and weeds – ultimately reducing those nasty allergens from your yard.

Look and feel

The best things about artificial grass are how it looks and the feel of it beneath your feet!

Yes, when well-maintained, natural grass looks and feels great. The only problem is that it can be a lot of work to get it looking that way.

Artificial lawn stays lush and green all year round, no matter the climate or weather.

With a range of four different lawns, Australian Outdoor Living will have an option that has the look and feel you are after.

Whether you’re part of an active family that loves playing sports in the backyard, or a smaller household after a small lawn area primarily for looks, we can provide a lawn for you.

Our lawn is available in different levels of softness and different pile heights, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.

For more information or help deciding on style of lawn, contact us today.

If you think artificial lawn is the right choice for you, click on the free measure and quote form and we will send out one of our friendly design consultants for your in-home consultation.

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