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Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space

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The best outdoor tech for entertaining 

As the weather heats up, you’re going to want to spend more and more time outside soaking up the sun and escaping the stifling heat inside.

We think it’s worthwhile to shift your whole indoors outdoors over summer to get the most out of your backyard entertaining space.

But since it seems a bit excessive to drag the tellie, speakers, stove top and kitchen sink out onto your deck (and since none of those indoor gadgets are designed to endure the baking temperatures and wild weather of the outdoors), we’ve scrounged around on the internet to find some of the top hardy outdoor tech you can use in your outdoor space to make it as comfortable, beautiful and functional as possible this summer.

Waterproof wireless speaker

These are the latest trend hitting backyards across the country today.

Everybody loves to enjoy a good tune, whether they’re relaxing with a cup of coffee or hosting a party, so speakers designed for the outdoors are a must-have in your al fresco entertaining space.

Improved tech means you can get wireless speakers of supreme quality that will blast a full beat in your backyard.

Most speakers have been designed with durability in mind, so they’re equipped to withstand extreme temperatures and to be waterproof, so you don’t have to be delicate with it near the pool or in the rain.

Plus you can get wireless speakers with Bluetooth so you can connect it to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Waterproof Wireless Speaker, Australian Outdoor Living.
Waterproof wireless speaker.

JB-Hi Fi and Bose are just two outlets where you can find quality outdoor speakers.

Bluetooth steak thermometer

Spend more time enjoying the party and less keeping an eye on the steak with this snazzy Bluetooth steak thermometer.

This cool piece of tech syncs to your phone and lets you know when your steak is cooked to perfection.

You can go off and have a proper chat with your friends or start mixing up a salad without having to worry about burning your meat!

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Bluetooth Steak Thermometer, Australian Outdoor Living.
Bluetooth steak thermometer.

Photo credit: dwell

Portable ice maker

On those sizzling hot days you’re going to want plenty of ice.

Instead of clogging up your freezer with enough ice cube trays to go around and still risk running out, you can simply plug in this ice maker on your deck, fill it with water and watch it turn to ice in under 15 minutes.

We find an outdoor ice maker indispensable when we’re expecting plenty of guests.

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Portable Ice Maker, Australian Outdoor Living.
Portable ice maker.

You’ll find plenty of portable ice makers available on eBay Australia.

Outdoor TVs and TV enclosures

Personally, we like the idea of escaping that captivating box when you’re outside, but sometimes it can be a means of drawing the kids out.

Plus if you have some members of your family who just can’t miss the Boxing Day cricket, you can coax them outdoors to mix during the family gathering without their missing any of the action.

Unfortunately indoor televisions just aren’t designed to withstand the heatwaves we experience during an Aussie summer.

An outdoor TV is sealed so your tellie is protected from the heat and moisture.

Many even have in-built fans to maintain the best temperature for your TV’s longevity in the outdoors.

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Outdoor TVs and TV Enclosures, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor TVs and TV enclosures.

Photo credit: The Home Depot

If outdoor TVs are a bit out of your price range, you can always opt for an outdoor TV enclosure, designed to cocoon your ordinary flat-screen in a weatherproof case.

You can find both products at Liquifi.

Electric bug zappers

Pesky insects can put an end to an outdoor event pretty quickly.

Today there’s a whole range of electric insect repellent devices designed not only to look pretty but also to beat back the mozzies from your outdoor space.

We like the outdoor bug zappers that resemble ordinary garden lanterns during the day, but at night kill any ambitious mozzies trying to gate crash your party.

You should be able to find electric bug zappers at your local hardware store.

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Electric Bug Zappers, Australian Outdoor Living.
Electric bug zappers.

Outdoor heaters

We don’t think your enjoyment of the outdoors should be confined to the summer months.

With an outdoor heater, you can slip out to enjoy the fresh air even in the coldest months without suffering frostbite!

There are plenty of different outdoor heater options so you’ll be able to find something effective that fits with your current outdoor décor.

There are electric heaters, gas heaters, and even chimenea for an atmospheric burning fire.

Best Outdoor Tech for Your Outdoor Entertaining Space - Outdoor Heaters, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor heaters.

Barbeques Galore has an impressive range of outdoor heaters and accessories.

Read here for the best tech to help you enjoy winter outdoors.

And plenty more…

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