How to Install Artificial Grass with Australian Outdoor Living

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Installing artificial grass to your home is a big decision – let us guide you through this step-by-step process

You’re spending your hard-earned money on improving what is probably your most expensive asset. It’s only natural you’ll want to know what’s going on every step of the way.

This step-by-step guide to artificial grass will help you keep on top of your installation.

It covers everything from the initial consultation to the moment you first walk on your brand new lawn.

Planning the dig for installing your artificial grass

After we’ve finalized your quote and your specific order, we’ll send a production manager and installer to assess your yard. They’ll double check all the initial measurements, as well as check what kind of access there is to the site.

This is a really important step, as it allows us to make sure all the finer details are correct.

Ideally, our team will use a Dingo, which is a sort of mini-digger, to prepare the ground for your new lawn. They’ll measure the gap at the side of your house to see if there’s enough room to bring the Dingo in.

You’ll need a width of at least 1200mm to fit a Dingo down there. If there isn’t enough room, don’t panic! There are other ways for the Dingo to access the site – for example, sometimes we can take a fence out.

Our team will take everything into account and recommend the best course of action for your specific site.

Installing artificial grass to your home is a big decision - Planning the dig for your Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass.
Installing artificial grass to your home is a great move.

What if the Dingo can’t get through?

If there’s no possible way to get a Dingo into your backyard, our team will improvise! We’ll use shovels to dig the dirt, and we’ll use a wheelbarrow to cart it away.

Don’t stress though, this is normal – we refer to it as a job with ‘difficult access’. Even though it may take the installer triple the amount of time, it’ll still be done to your specifications.

It may be the case that the space at the side of the house is too narrow even for a wheelbarrow. In this instance, we’ll bring the wheelbarrow through the house.

Obviously we’ll want to avoid making a mess of your lovely home, so we’ll lay mats down and put planks on top.

If none of these options work for your home and yard, we’ll use the classic method of carrying the sand out in buckets.

Whatever the situation, we’ll make it work. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a lot of room.

It’s important to remember that some of these methods will obviously take longer than others. If we do run into access issues with your site, there may be a small price increase due to the extra time taken to dig the site.

Our production manager and installer will perform all the measurements during their visit, and we’ll finalize the details of the build from there.

Installing your artificial grass

The first step when installing your artificial grass is digging out the site. We’ll take 80mm off the top – getting rid of the top layer of grass – and then we’ll take another 80mm of dirt.

Once we’ve done that, we’ll lay a dolomite base, usually measuring 50mm. You do have the option to request a thicker layer of dolomite, but the standard thickness is 50mm.

We use dolomite due to its durability – if we were to use dirt or regular sand, your lawn would develop lumps after a couple of years. Dolomite is a much more durable substance, meaning your lawn will stay flatter for longer.

After this stage has been completed, we’ll compact it with a machine called a ‘whacker’. This will ensure the base stays nice and flat, ready for the lawn to be rolled out.

Before we roll, we’ll lay out what we call ‘tape’. It isn’t sticky, but it gives us a nice layer over the dolomite for the grass to sit on.

We’ll put this in the corners of your lawn, and then put some outdoor adhesive on it to make sure it sticks. We’ll also pin the pieces together using what we call ‘u-pins’. This will ensure you can’t see the joins once the lawn is down.

Once we’ve finished that, we’ll place 220mm nails around the outside and through the middle of your artificial grass. This will hold down the edges and make it harder for dogs to rip it up and kids to trip over it.

We’ll also bolster it. This involves going around the entire lawn and tapping the edges. This is what makes the edges curve, rather than just sit on the pavers or concrete.

Adding artificial grass to your home is a big decision - Installing your Artificial Grass, Artificial Grass.
We bolster the edges of your artificial lawn to make it harder for dogs to rip up.

Final steps of installing your artificial grass

Finally, we’ll sprinkle some sand on top. This will add weight to your artificial lawn, making it harder for dogs to lift it up. It’ll also help your lawn stand upright, making it look neater.

Once the lawn’s been laid, we’ll then go over it with what’s called a ‘defibrillator’. It’s designed to brush it up and help get the sand to the bottom. It’ll also make your lawn look neat.

Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your brand new patch of artificial grass!

It’s important to note that while your artificial grass should stop most weeds from growing through it, it’s inevitable that some will poke their way through.

You can still pull them out as normal, or even spray them with weed killer. Here are five handy tips on how to maintain artificial lawn.

Why should you choose Australian Outdoor Living?

We manufacture our artificial grass to the highest of Australian standards. It’s some of the highest quality artificial lawn around, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll feel the same way.

On top of that, you’ll find it difficult to get better service and guarantees from another company.

Spending your money with a company of our size and reputation is a much safer bet than choosing a smaller company.

We also offer a seven-year guarantee on our artificial grass, so if something does go wrong with your lawn, just give us a call – we’ll happily take a look at it!

Check here some more benefits of quality artificial grass from Australian Outdoor Living.

Adding artificial grass to your home is a big decision - Why you should choose Australian Outdoor Living, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass will look great in both your front yard and your backyard.

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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