Outdoor Blinds FAQs, Answered by the Experts

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Have your questions on outdoor blinds answered by the experts

Outdoor blinds are the perfect way to top off and protect a fabulous outdoor entertaining area.

But with so many styles, designs, materials and other options out there, choosing the best outdoor blinds for your household and lifestyle can be confusing.

At Australian Outdoor Living, we’re familiar with all outdoor blinds-related questions and we’ve answered your top FAQs so you’re a little more informed when making your decision.

Outdoor Blinds FAQs, Answered by the Experts - Have your questions on Outdoor Blinds answered by the experts, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds FAQs, answered by the experts.

Here are the most important customer questions we answer daily:

Do Australian Outdoor Living outdoor blinds run on a track system?

When you become familiar with PVC material you’ll find it expands and contracts in the sun. Track systems don’t allow for this.

When the PVC expands it becomes loose in the track, flapping and distorting the clear, crisp view.

When the material contracts it can actually pull away from the track system (rip away from the zippers etc).

This is quite common and is the reason Australian Outdoor Living has decided not to use these systems as we’ve considered the material and its behaviour.

Our system allows for you to secure the blind and wind it so you can control the tension on the blind at all times.

What width do the blinds span?

Our outdoor blinds will span up to five metres in width.

What areas are the blinds most suited to?

Almost any outdoor entertaining area! Verandahs, pergolas, gazebos, hotels, external dining areas, balconies, carports and more.

They’re also becoming more commonly used as an external window covering.

Outdoor blinds are suited for use all year round, and are designed principally to protect outdoor alfresco areas from the elements.

What is so special about the Bella Vista shade material?

The Bella Vista blind material is durable and made specifically for outdoor conditions.

It is coated in PVC so it won’t stain and has a unique weave which allows for the material to “breathe”.

Plus it lets you see out without anybody being able to see in giving you an added layer of privacy to your backyard.

How do I secure my blind if I have no posts?

Have your questions on Outdoor Blinds answered by the experts - How i secure my blind if I have no posts.
Our outdoor blinds allow you to enclose an area with the posts.

In this case, we use what we call a cellar door anchor.

This is an anchor point installed in the ground/pavers, etc.

The double-ended clip on the bottom of the blind can clip onto this cellar door anchor and lifts as you wind the blind tighter.

When you’re not using the blinds, the hook can lay flat so it doesn’t become a safety hazard.

This is ideal as so many structures today are built to be as spacious and open as possible.

Australian Outdoor Living outdoor blinds enable you to enclose your area without having to install posts which will detract from the area created.

How so I secure my blinds if I only want them halfway down?

Have your questions on Outdoor Blinds answered by the experts - How do I secure my blind if I only want them half way down, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds can be secured half way down.

We can custom fit secondary anchor points upon request, as per individual requirements.

What is the guarantee on outdoor blinds?

Our Guarantee is 12 months for parts and labour.

All repairs during the warranty period must be carried out by a qualified AOL representative.

Any tampering with the product could result in your warranty becoming void.

This is an express guarantee where legislation makes provisions for consumer warranty claims.

There is also a 3-year guarantee on the UV Clear & Tinted PVC material and a 5-year guarantee on the UV Bella Vista material.

How much are outdoor blinds?

All our outdoor blinds are custom-made perfect for each individual customer’s wants and needs.

We offer 3 different materials and many different installation options and extras which can also affect the price.

That being said our design consultants will work with you to ensure your vision can be brought to life (and within budget!).

If you’re ready to chat about it further complete our FREE MEASURE & QUOTE request today!

We will send one of our friendly staff to pop around to your place & help you achieve the result you’re after.

Click here to see how versatile our outdoor blinds really are.

Have your questions on Outdoor Blinds answered by the experts - How much are Outdoor Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
All Outdoor Blinds are custom made to fit.

Have another question?

If you have a question which isn’t included above, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of resources to assist:

Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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Outdoor blinds are available in Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, NewcastleCanberra, and Brisbane.

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