Top 6 Pool Lighting Trends for Your Backyard Pool

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Clever lighting can make or break the look of your backyard at night.

Without strategic lights placed throughout your garden, your yard can look dull and lifeless.

With a pool, it’s even more important to have lighting for safety, utility and, of course, beauty.

Pool lighting isn’t just about practicality and functionality.

It’s about setting the scene and creating a fabulous night light show for your family and guests.

A well-lit pool can create a cosy atmosphere, a mellow mood, or even a Vegas-style party setting.

Even more, it’ll make you want to dive right in, even when it’s pitch-black out.

Here are some hot trends hitting the contemporary swimming pool scene, designed to add class, style and stunning visuals, as well as efficiency and practicality to your backyard entertaining space.

1. Energy-efficient lighting

With climate change and global warming hot on everyone’s lips, the environment has never been more at the forefront of people’s minds when creating their home and garden designs.

Today, everybody is making the switch to LED lighting in their pool surrounds to ease up on their energy use (not to mention energy bills!).

We love LED lights for a few reasons:

Who can argue with that?

2. Accent lighting

Today’s pool designs are more elaborate than they’ve ever been before.

Backyard swimming pools have water features, stylish steps, seductive curves and plenty more.

Why shouldn’t you enjoy those extra features after sunset?

Accent lighting is now the biggest rage in pool lighting trends, allowing you to highlight those custom features you specifically asked for and paid extra to enjoy.

Practical? Not particularly.

Hypnotically beautiful? Without a doubt.

Top 6 Pool Lighting Trends for Your Backyard Pool - Accent Lighting, Australian Outdoor Living.
Accent lighting.

3. Laminar lighting

If your pool is equipped with laminar jets that create streams of water into your pool, make the most of them at night!

Laminar lights train LED lights onto the jets, showcasing the current of water spurting into your swimming pool at night for a fun and colourful night time look.

Even better, it creates fluid motion in and around your pool at night, which adds a special water feature to your entertaining space.

Top 6 Pool Lighting Trends for Your Backyard Pool - Laminar Lighting, Australian Outdoor Living.
Laminar lighting.

4. Floater lights

If laminar lights or accent lighting is too big a task for you, there are still ways you can use your pool for some unique night-time lighting opportunities at little cost.

Floater lights are usually shaped like globes and can be floated on the surface of your pool.

They look like floating candles and create a serene setting for a subdued candlelit dinner outdoors.

Top 6 Pool Lighting Trends for Your Backyard Pool - Floater Lights, Australian Outdoor Living.
Floater lights.

Photo credit: Cocoboro

5. Multiple lighting

It’s tempting to train a single light onto your pool and be done with it.

Sure, a solo light will probably provide you with enough visibility to enjoy a nocturnal splash, but it doesn’t exactly compliment your surroundings.

Multiple lighting eliminates a single harsh light source that lacks subtlety.

The best way to use multiple lights in your pool is to have them facing one another.

They create a glowing effect across the surface of your pool and as an added benefit, minimise pool imperfections as well.

Top 6 Pool Lighting Trends for Your Backyard Pool - Multiple Lighting, Australian Outdoor Living.
Multiple lighting.

6. Integrated entertainment systems

Anything is possible these days, and don’t we love it?

We think we’ve saved the best to last – an integrated entertainment system that syncs your sound system to your lights.

Step outside your back door and marvel as mood lighting is automatically activated, along with the tunes of your favourite song.

Today, you can create a veritable sound and light show in your own backyard.

Control both the music and lighting remotely, and sync colourful lights in your pool so they change in tempo with the music.

Now that’s a sure-fire way to impress the guests!

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