Want A Pool For Summer? Start Early!

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Want a pool this summer? Better start the process early!

When it comes to home swimming pools, everyone thinks it’s a great idea for summer and naturally so.

The intense summer heatwaves we get in Australia make it an ideal season for the whole family to take a dip and chill in the family pool.

However if you start shopping around for a swimming pool just before summer, you may miss the season altogether – as the process of constructing a home swimming pool may be longer than you think.

So how long does it really take to construct a swimming pool?

Construction times can vary greatly.

You could have a pool constructed within 3 months, or it could take up to 6 months or more.

A lot depends on the type of pool and variables related to the construction process.

For instance, a fibreglass pool installation will be a quicker project than a concrete pool installation.

Generally, as observed from previous projects, pool constructions are normally complete within 3-6 months – including landscaping and pool fencing.

So what are some factors that impact the construction time of a pool?

Want A Pool For Summer? Start Early - Fibreglass pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
Fibreglass pool – Australian Outdoor Living.

Factors affecting construction time of a pool

Type of pool

Fibreglass pools can often be quicker to install than concrete pools.

This is due to the fact that the shells are pre-built.

The contractor would only need to install it into the ground as is.

Concrete pools take a longer time to construct.

Each concrete pool is completely custom built in site to specific block sizes, shapes, etc.

Normally more contractors are involved in these projects.

Depending on the shape and size of your concrete pool, your construction time could be even longer.

Council approval

This could be one of the longest lead-times in the pool building process.

Every pool construction project needs to be approved by the local council, and this approval could take between 4-6 weeks on average.

If you are building a pool, it would be advisable to agree on the plans with your pool builder as soon as possible, and to lodge your Development Application (DA) early.

Peak periods

Most people only think about building their pools at the wrong time – peak period! This is a fact.

Many home owners will try to rush a pool for summer, which is the busiest period for pool builders.

During this period, pool builders are usually overbooked and quite often under resourced. Sub-contractors like concreters, fencers and pavers are busy busy!

Constructing a pool during peak periods will certainly prolong the construction process and can lead to disappointment as important deadlines for completion can be hard to manage.

Best time to build a pool?

So when is the best time to build a pool?

One of the best times to build a pool is before the summer rush that usually occurs later in the year.

For instance, April through June is when most pool companies would have just come out of their summer peak season.

As the weather gets colder, demand for pools naturally dips.

This is when pool companies would offer special deals or incentives to encourage sales.

You could pick up a real bargain if you start the process early!

Keeping in mind that a pool construction process could take 3-6 months, this would then leave you some time to finish up with landscaping.

If you are building a pool, why not start earlier?

And allow for the finishing touches to be done just before the start of the swimming season which typically runs from October through to April.

This way, you can enjoy your new pool for the full summer!

So if you are investing in a new pool, our strong recommendation (having built hundreds of pools over the last 5-6 years), is to start the process early and set the right expectations of your pool builder.

This will make your overall experience a lot more pleasant and as stress-free as possible.

The pool building process

Want A Pool For Summer? Start Early - The building process, Australian Outdoor Living.
The pool building process.

Wondering what steps are involved in a typical pool construction process? See below.

Step One – Seek Council Approval
Step Two – Excavate and Level Base
Step Three – Steeling, Shell Plumbing and Hardware Installed
Step Four – Concrete Sprayed
Step Five – Plumbing and Equipment
Step Six – Tiling, Coping and Paving
Step Seven – Fill and Filtration
Step Eight – Final Handover

*some steps above only apply for concrete pools.

As you can see, installing a new pool is a fairly complex process.

Each of the above steps requires a fair amount of time and co-ordination.

That’s why when it comes to pool construction, always go with a proven and trusted pool builder.

Australian Outdoor Living is one of South Australia’s largest pool builders.

We specialise in fibreglass and concrete pools and also offer MagnaPool® – a mineral pool that is a wonderful alternative to salt or chlorinated pools.

So start early to avoid disappointment …

Looking to install a new pool?

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We are committed to delivering the best customer experience and building pools for proud homeowners.

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