Your Guide to Buying a Pool Cleaner

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To ensure your pool returns to normal, there are three things you'll need to get your pool back into shape: the correct chemicals, a filtration system, and of course, plenty of patience.


A guide to buying pool cleaners 

Having your own pool to relax in is a wonderful asset to have in your backyard.

But if the water and surrounding areas aren’t kept clean, you’ll have little incentive to dive in.

Pool cleaners are essential for regular swimming pool maintenance as they prevent algae and bacteria growth – which doesn’t just contaminate your water but can also make your surfaces slippery and hazardous.

While great filtration systems exist on the market, on their own will only result in lighter dirt and debris being caught.

To capture heavier grit and debris on the inner surfaces of your pool, only a pool cleaner will get the job done.

Many factors determine the type of cleaner you’ll need, including:

  • The size and make of your pool
  • The amount and type of debris your pool accumulates
  • The amount of plants and trees surrounding your pool.
  • Whether your pool is inground or above-ground.
  • Your current filtration and plumbing system
  • Your budget

Nowadays few of us have the time to devote to a rigorous weekly pool cleaning routine, which is why you can find more improved independently-operated pool cleaners on the market.

At Australian Outdoor Living, not only do we offer in-home support and mobile pool services, we offer two types of high-quality pool cleaners: automatic cleaners and robotic cleaners.

Whichever one you choose will depend on your own needs and circumstances so read up on each type before you buy.

Your Guide to Buying a Pool Cleaner - A Guide To Buying Pool Cleaners, Australian Outdoor Living.
A guide to buying pool cleaners.

Suction cleaners

Automatic suction cleaners connect to the filtration system’s skimmer box via a long plastic hose and use the pool pumps power to scrub the pool surface and collect leaves.

This cleaner essentially acts as an underwater vacuum cleaner.

It moves around by pulsating water and uses brushes and suction to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

A suction cleaner typically finishes a pool in approximately eight hours.

Be certain you have the right pool filter and pump system before you buy– they need to be capable of powering your vacuum.

Remember, as suction cleaners work quite vigorously, you need to ensure your filters are cleaned and back washed regularly since they’re taking on a greater load.

Pressure-side pool cleaners

Pressure-side pool cleaners are more powerful than suction cleaners, which makes them perfect for larger pools or pools that receive greater leaf litter and debris.

They get right in the corners and operate on wheels so they tend to work faster than suction cleaners.

An added benefit is they need only operate as long as it takes to clean your pool – which could be as quickly as half an hour.

As with suction pool cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners use your pump to power their movement, although most models use an additional booster pump.

If this is the case, your cleaner will need its own separate hose connection in the pool wall.

Pressure-side cleaners connect to the pool’s filter outtake pipe with a plastic hose.

As they carry their own filter bag, they won’t increase the work on your pool’s filter.

This nifty cleaner divides the water flow from the filter outtake three ways for different purposes.

One portion acts as a jet to remove grime, one acts as a propeller to move the cleaner, and the third stream channels leaves and dirt into the filter bag.

Since pressure-side pool cleaners create a heavier load on your pool filtration system, be sure you have a powerful system which can take on the extra work.

Robotic cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the clever kings of pool cleaners, so they’re best for large or even commercial-sized pools.

They’re efficient and powerful, capable of suctioning a huge amount of dirt and debris, including gum nuts and eucalyptus leaves.

They’re more mobile than other cleaners since they aren’t limited by the length of an attached hose.

Robotic cleaners are the most independent type of cleaner since they operate outside the pool’s circulation system.

They have their own pump and in-built filter as well as their own filter bag.

They even take their power from an alternative source – with long cords connecting them to an external electrical outlet.

Unlike other cleaners, you can programme automatic cleaners to complete particular rotations of the pool before shutting off.

This ensures greater efficiency since robotic cleaners aren’t cleaning the same space multiple times and neglecting other areas completely.

Some designs even come with a remote so you have greater control over its trajectory without having to get off the comfy sun lounge.

After the cleaner’s shift is done, you need only remove it from the pool and clean or replace the filter bag.

Yes, that’s it.

Since you don’t need to have the full pool circulation system turned on during the cleaning process, you’ll find robotic cleaners are energy-efficient.

They’re also relatively quick, typically running between two and four hours.

Robotic cleaners may not be the best choice for smaller pools given their immense power, but they are designed to operate within any pool shape and surface type.

Ready to buy?

Are you more confident about the type of pool cleaner you need for your newest backyard installation?

If you’re not, don’t fret.

Simply give us a call on 1300 679 885 and one of our pool experts will be ready to clear up any confusion.

Our Mobile Pool Shop team (SA Only) are happy to help you get your hands on a quality automatic or robotic cleaner so your pool is scrubbed squeaky clean.

Click here for some handy tips on how to avoid hefty pool maintenance.

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