Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts

Get all the answers about buying outdoor blinds

Sometimes the process of choosing the perfect outdoor blinds to suit your home and lifestyle can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for or where to start!

Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts - Get all the answers about buying Outdoor Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Buying outdoor blinds: Your top 5 FAQs answered by the experts.

1. What are outdoor blinds?

Outdoor blinds optimise the outdoor living space of your home.

High quality and well-designed blinds allow you to extend your indoors outdoors and help you to make the most of the space you’ve got on your back door-step.

Australian Outdoor Living has an extensive range of blinds.

We are sure that you will find a look and design to suit your home.

Made in Australia from high quality and durable materials, our blinds are a low maintenance lifestyle solution.

Outdoor blinds provide you, your family/friends and your home and contents with UV protection, as well as added security and a stylish new look.

Whether you wish to create an ambient living space outdoors, or provide some shelter from the (at times) turbulent Australian climate, outdoor blinds are the perfect solution to optimise and enhance any home.

Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts - What are Outdoor Blinds? Australian Outdoor Living.
What are outdoor blinds?

2. Why should I choose Australian Outdoor Living for my outdoor blinds?

Since opening in Adelaide in 2005, followed by Perth, Melbourne, Sydney Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra – and more recently, Newcastle, Australian Outdoor Living has sought to establish a team of passionate people who are devoted to providing premium outdoor solutions for proud Australian homeowners.

As manufacturers, it is both our mission and our responsibility to ensure that the expectations of each and every customer are met, if not exceeded.

You can rest assured that when you choose Australian Outdoor Living for your blinds, you are making the right choice.

If you value quality, durability, and world-leading design for your home, you are our customer of choice!

Talking about world-leading design, Australian Outdoor Living has introduced an exclusive range of Motion Series Blinds, the first of their kind seen in Australia.

These motorised blinds make comfortable outdoor living all too easy, with a simple remote-controlled system that means you can operate your blinds from anywhere in your home.

Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts - Why should I choose Australian Outdoor Living for my Outdoor Blinds? Australian Outdoor Living.
Why should I choose Australian Outdoor Living for my outdoor blinds?

3. What is the installation process?

Having worked with proud home owners and hard-working Australian families for many years, Australian Outdoor Living understands that home improvements can interrupt the daily grind.

With the kids running amok and an 8:30am bus to catch, the last thing you need is extra chaos!

At Australian Outdoor Living we like to make the installation process of your outdoor blinds quick and convenient.

We take the hard work out of your hands, working with you to choose the perfect design of blinds, then fitting and installing them at a time that suits you and your family.

Throughout the installation process, our Production Manager will be familiar with your project and will be in touch to arrange convenient check-measure visits and the installation time itself.

If you ever have any questions or queries, they are just a phone call or email away!

With their experience and helpful advice, your new blinds will be delivered and installed exactly as planned.

Due to our exclusive relationship with our supplier, turnaround time from order to install is typically within a few weeks.

Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts - Will Outdoor Blinds increase the value of my home? Australian Outdoor Living.
Will outdoor blinds increase the value of my home?

4. Will outdoor blinds increase the value of my home?

Outdoor blinds are an investment for the present, as well as the future.

Families grow in numbers, just as circumstances change and the house you call home is not always forever.

But when you decide to upsize, downsize or completely relocate, you want to make sure you are financially ready to start a new slate.

It’s been proven that if you invest in your home early on, you will reap the benefits later.

Recent research of the Australian home buyers’ market suggests financial investment to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your home can increase the overall selling price by as much as 12%, which is significant when you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Also, as the social dynamic leans further and further toward environmentally friendly and power savvy home solutions, blinds are the choice for home improvement.

Whether you are currently in the market to sell your house, or want to safeguard your family’s financial stability for the future, our blinds are no doubt a smart home improvement worth considering.

Click here to learn how a verandah can also add value to your home.

Buying Outdoor Blinds: Your Top 5 FAQs Answered by the Experts - How long will my Outdoor Blinds last? Australian Outdoor Living.
How long will my outdoor blinds last?

5. How long will my outdoor blinds last?

When you choose to buy outdoor shade blinds from Australian Outdoor Living, you are choosing quality, durability and to work with a proudly Australian family owned company.

Together we work on a custom designed solution and we commit to producing products that are made to last.

At Australian Outdoor Living, our blinds are specifically designed to wear the tear of the harsh Australian climate.

Made in Australia from high quality materials, our blinds are designed to last.

Some simple maintenance goes a long way with ensuring longevity with any investment, and blinds are no exception.

For easy-to-understand maintenance and cleaning guides, make sure you check out further articles on our blog.

It’s a bit of a no-brainer, outdoor blinds for you and your family are a smart choice for the here and now, and a wise investment for the future.

Have we cleared the confusion and answered any questions that were playing on your mind?

And don’t forget, at Australian Outdoor Living, we’re the blinds experts, so if you need any further help, be sure to contact us directly.

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