Here are five tips to winter-proof your backyard.

Spending time in your backyard can be tough during winter, but here are some tips to make your outdoor living space more inviting during the colder months.

Just because the days are getting colder doesn’t mean you need to spend all your time sitting inside and staring out the window.

Follow these simple tips to improve your backyard entertaining area and make the most of winter!

1. Make your existing space cosier

A great way to improve on the space you already have is by adding outdoor blinds to your patio or pergola.

This will create an enclosed space, providing protection from the elements.

Outdoor rugs and cushions can also be a great way to make your backyard seem warmer, which brings us to our next point…

Coldest winter this year - five tips to winter-proof your backyard - Outdoor blinds can make any space cosier, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds can make any space cosier.

2. Set up an outdoor lounge

Couch cushions and blankets in an undercover entertaining area can turn even the most uninviting outdoor area into a warm retreat.

Add a space heater into the mix and brew a nice hot cup of coffee, and you’ll find that you’re actually looking forward to those chilly winter afternoons.

An added bonus of an outdoor lounge is being able to entertain friends and family, be it just enjoying a few drinks together or a three-course meal.

Coldest winter this year - five tips to winter-proof your backyard - Outdoor lounge, Australian Outdoor Living.
Add an outdoor lounge to your patio or pergola.

3. Build a fire pit

What better way to enjoy a winter’s night than around a fire with your friends?

A built-in fire pit can be a striking feature, and it can be a great way to make your backyard more habitable during winter.

Just imagine it: sitting on your outdoor lounge, draped in a rug, warming your hands on your built in fire pit.

Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, with decorative features and themed chimneys being a great way to make yours stand out from the rest.

4. Lay down some artificial grass

Artificial grass lawns are quickly becoming the preferred lawn option for many families.

They’re great all year round, but the advantages in winter are sure to have you heading outside to enjoy those nippy evenings.

You can duck out for a quick game of bocce or to play with the dog and not have to worry about getting muddy footprints everywhere when you eventually come back inside.

On top of that, artificial lawn requires very little maintenance, feels almost as real as natural lawn and is friendly to both children and pets.

The best part is that artificial lawns stay green all year round, with no watering or mowing whatsoever.

Head over to our website to check out our range of artificial grass lawns. You can also contact us for a free measure and quote.

Coldest winter this year - five tips to winter-proof your backyard - An artificial grass lawn will help keep those muddy footprints out of your home, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial lawn will help keep those muddy footprints out of your home.

5. Splash out on a spa!

Spas can be a great way to warm up in winter, especially with a glass of wine and some relaxing music on in the background.

They’re perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and hydrotherapy during the winter. Be careful, the trip from the spa back to the house might get a little cold!

There are lots of ways to spruce up your backyard for winter. Doing any or all of the above are sure-fire ways to make your backyard much more inviting.

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