Everything You Need to Know About a Pergola and Their Different Styles

Perhaps I’d like one

Returning home is most comforting especially when your home’s interiors and architecture are exactly the way you want. Home is a place where you can always be yourself and if you get it to mirror your personality, it automatically becomes your happy place.

Living in Australia means you either alter the appearance of your home to suit your likes/dislikes or to make it more comfortable. One such example is adding a pergola to your home patio. In addition to its lavish Greek-inspired look, it is extremely useful.


What can I do with a Pergola

Having one will improve the appearance of your house’s patio or deck as well as your playing host/hostess game! It allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being subject to the mighty heat of the sun.

This not only works well for those with kids and pets, but can also be a great way to try activities that don’t involve being cooped up indoors. Get ready to say hello to sunshine, breeze, and a sky full of stars!

To start with, you could double the pergola by using it as an entertainment centre, a dining space, or outdoor room, which works really well to host parties and maybe even a small wedding.

You could even use it as an outdoor kitchen and instead convert the kitchen in the house into another room. To all the barbeque enthusiasts, doesn’t the thought of owning your own outdoor fire pit sound rather exciting? If you’re more of a private person, this place would be ideal for a hot tub or a serene meditation spot, where you can just relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.


Which one should I opt for

There are different types and designs; choose the one that best fits your need.

1. Gable: These pergolas resemble rooftops in their design and tend to blend in excellently with the landscape of your home. They complement a patio or deck in a beautiful way, making it possible for you to use that space for a retreat area, reading space, dining area, etc.

In the Gable design, the rafters are cut at angles and blend into the roofline. Gable pergolas can be lined with timber to give it a ceiling-like look and make it more decorative. Gable pergolas can have more space under the roof with open ends that make the area breezy.

2. Flat pergolas: This design lends a lot to flexibility if you plan to incorporate electrical fixtures. Being flat they can be lined with timber and can have the different levels and pitches that are required to attach ceiling fans and lights.

Flat and Gable designs can be attached on several sides of the house. Another thing to keep in mind if you opt for a flat design, along with the regular roof sheeting, you will have to keep a minimum 5 degree pitch so that water doesn’t collect and remain there.

3. Open top pergola or pitched pergola: For those who love a design which is a blend of nature and civilization, an open top pergola or pitched pergola will look like a dream when decorated with vines and maybe even some fairy lights. These work especially well for good airflow without compromising on privacy.

4. Steel: And if you prefer a more modern looking design for a pergola, you might find that steel is better suited to your taste. Steel is used for the beams. It gives a look and feel that is completely different compared to what a timber design gives you.

Being steel, it is extremely strong as compared to other materials. It will also make the structure long-lasting as steel is long-lasting. Steel is also a good idea if you plan to suspend a hammock from the ceiling.

5. Sail Pergolas: like the name suggests the beams have stretched sail suspended between the posts, which act as the roof. They give off a sleek modern design that transforms the look of your patio or deck.

Well I’m sure your mind is completely consumed by these ideas! And why not, there’s no limit on uses and styles. By teaming up with the right builders you could maybe even come up with an innovative design of your own!

About the author: Darren Wallis heads Modern Solutions. Established in 2010, they have been transforming the architecture of homes and outdoors with their experience and creativity. From outdoor pergolas, Patio Pergola designs and steel pergolas designs, they know it all and are just the people you should go to, to make your dream home a reality.


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