Easy Yard A Time Saver

BOOMERS are looking for easy ways to maintain their homes and gardens, such as installing instant lawn, so they can enjoy their retirement.

Australian Outdoor Living (AOL) says instant lawn saves water, fertiliser and mowing.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian female spends 20 hours a week on household work, compared with 11 hours by men.

AOL director Colin Kuchel says his customers are looking for ways to improve their lifestyle by travelling and spending time with grandchildren.

“They no longer want to be spending days maintaining the lawn,” he says. “Instant lawn can pay for itself within five years when you take into account the cost of watering, mowing and fertilising.”

AOL manufactures lawn in a variety of lengths.

Mr Kuchel says lawn which is not maintained can be a sign that a home is unoccupied.

“Retirees shouldn’t have to worry about whether their home will be safe if they are away,” he says.

Roller shutters are also proving popular with boomers – not only for deterring potential intruders but to save on energy costs.

No Fuss:
HAZEL Clarke and her husband were looking for ways to make life easier around the home.

One of the areas they looked to was their garden and they decided to put down instant lawn to save time on maintenance. “My husband was getting too old to mow the lawn,” Mrs Clarke says. “It is nice to be able to see a neat lawn every day.”

She says low-maintenance lawn has given her more time to spend in the garden and with family, including her 13 grandchildren. Her husband has also done some paving and painting to finalise their new-look outdoor area.


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