FAQ: Do Dogs like Artificial Grass?

Do Dogs like Artificial Grass?

Do Dogs like Artificial Grass? FAQ by Australian Outdoor Living
Do Dogs like Artificial Grass?

Like humans, Artificial grass also comes with many benefits for our dogs. Some people are generally worried about how their dog will react to the new lawn surface but after a small transitioning period, it seems like they can’t even tell the difference.

Here are just a number of benefits that good quality Artificial Lawns have for your dog. Artificial Grass is soft and plush meaning your dogs can roll and lounge around on it without getting scratched or scorched like they would on hard surfaces like concrete. Synthetic Grass can also be deterrent to ticks and fleas.

These bugs simply aren’t attracted to Synthetic Grass like they are natural grass therefore giving you and your dog one less thing to worry about. Artificial Grass also doesn’t contain any spikes or prickles making it more comfortable for your dog to play around on. Quality Artificial grass is specially designed to drain liquid through it.

This is especially good for pet urine and heavy rains stopping your dog getting mud all over their paws then walking through places where you don’t want mud.

The drainage qualities of Synthetic Grass also means that when your dog goes to the toilet on the grass you can easily pick it up and hose off your lawn allowing the water to then drain away…

To answer the question… yes dogs do like artificial grass.

Like with us, Artificial Grass has a number of characteristics that benefit dogs.

For more information about artificial grass, speak to one of our friendly sales consultants at Australian Outdoor Living today.

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