FAQ: How do you clean Plastic Outdoor Blinds?

Quick tips for cleaning Plastic Outdoor Blinds?

How do you clean Plastic Outdoor Blinds? FAQ by Australian Outdoor Living
How do you clean Plastic Outdoor Blinds FAQ

Taking steps to clean and maintain your Plastic Outdoor Blinds will help you prolong the life of your outdoor blinds, save money in the long run and keep them looking their best.

For cafe style plastic blinds the first tip is to regularly wash them with a sponge or a chamois with warm soapy water. Allowing a buildup of dust and dirt on your plastic blinds can cause them to become scratched during the rolling up process.

Avoid using anything abrasive to wipe your outdoor blinds as this could also result in scratching. On top of this ensure that your Plastic Outdoor Blinds are free of creases during the rolling up process. The best time to do this is when the blinds are warm.

Like all plastic, café style blinds are affected by changes in temperature. They can potentially expand and contract according to the heat of the day and can become stiff if exposed to cooler temperatures. If this occurs it’s important to be careful when operating your blinds, don’t try and force the mechanism to work – be gentle.

To answer this question… the best way to clean Plastic Outdoor Blinds is using a sponge or chamois and warm soapy water.

Cleaning you Outdoor Blinds regularly will avoid the build up of dust or dirt.

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