FAQ: How to operate Outdoor Blinds?

How to operate or roll up Outdoor Blinds?

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Outdoor Blinds can be rolled up using a number of different mechanisms. Some Outdoor Blinds on the market use manual pulley or cord systems, gear tensioned systems, manual articulated rod systems, retractable systems or automatic motorized operating systems.

Some Outdoor Blinds can require the user to roll the blind up themselves and use straps to keep them rolled up and in place. A number of Outdoor Blinds also use a track guided system designed to ensure a quality fit.

Outdoor Blinds from Australian Outdoor Living operate using either a gear tensioned system, a manually operated track blind or an automatic motorized track blind. The popular Classic gear tensioned system is a simple design that has stood the test of time.

Our Neo manual track blind system is a manual operation that uses an articulated rod.

Our premium Motion blinds operating system is a remote controlled operating system that makes rolling up your blinds a breeze.

To answer this question… Outdoor Blinds can be rolled up using a variety of mechanisms. To find out which operating system would best suit you, your budget and your lifestyle, contact Australian Outdoor Living today.

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