FAQ: What’s the difference between a concrete pool and a fibreglass pool?

Fibreglass and concrete pools do have a lot of similarities – they can both be installed either in-ground or above-ground, they can both be fitted with chlorine or saltwater sanitation systems, and they can both be built alongside a custom-designed timber deck. Despite these similarities, they are different from each other in several ways.

Due to the fact that fibreglass pools come as pre-made shells which are then placed on the build site, they are more affordable than their concrete equivalents. Concrete pool are custom-designed according to the needs and wishes of the customer. They are unique to each backyard, and as a result they often appear more ‘top of the line’ than fibreglass pools. 

Concrete pools can also be fitted with other design features that are not available with the fibreglass option, such as an in-floor pool cleaner.

Find out more about how concrete pools can add value to your home here. You can also discover more about fibreglass pools on our blog.

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