FAQ: Will my artificial lawn attract insects?

Insects flourish in habitats with natural soil and organic material, as well as stagnant water. 

Will my artificial lawn attract insects? Artificial Grass FAQ by Australian Outdoor Living

Since artificial lawn isn’t a natural product, insects find it to be a very unattractive environment.

Artificial grass from Australian Outdoor Living also features excellent drainage, so you won’t have to worry about mosquitoes hanging around pools of stagnant water.

 As long as you keep your lawn free of leaves and other organic debris, you won’t be bothered by any critters and creepy crawlies.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To answer this question... yes weeds can grow through Synthetic Grass, however can removed quite easily.
To answer this question... Artificial Grass does not need an underlay, however it is recommended that it is laid on top of a sub base that generally consists of a soil or type of sand. This will ensure that your Artificial Turf doesn't develop bumps over time.
To answer the question... yes dogs do like artificial grass.Like humans, Artificial grass also comes with many benefits for our dogs. Some people are generally worried about how their dog will react to the new lawn surface but after a small transitioning period, it seems like they can’t even tell the difference.

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