2017 Variety Radiothon Winner’s Testimonial: Barrier Reef Swimming Pool by Australian Outdoor Living

2017 Variety Children's Charity Fibreglass pool Winner.

2017 Variety : The Children’s Charity Radiothon Winner – Haley Goodenough

All for a good cause! There’s nothing better than being rewarded for a kind gesture – especially so for Haley, winner of Australian Outdoor Living’s Barrier Reef Fibreglass Pool last year.

For the past few years, Australian Outdoor Living has proudly donated a fully installed swimming pool in support of Variety’s Children’s Charity: Radiothon. Watch the below video as Haley speaks about her experience of being the winning bidder in the 2017 Variety Radiothon – and how much her family now enjoys their new swimming pool!


Looking to install a swimming pool at your place? Why not participate in this year’s Variety Children’s Charity Radiothon and try to win one of your very own!

For a chance to be the winning bidder and also the opportunity to support a very worthy cause, please get involved.

Follow our blog and Facebook page for upcoming details about the 2018 Variety Children’s Charity Radiothon. Coming up real soon!

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