Five great ideas to help you enjoy winter in your backyard

Five great ideas to help you enjoy winter in your backyard

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Enjoy winter in your backyard with these five great ideas.

Winter is quickly approaching. It’s a time of year when it’s only natural for us to want hibernate inside and enjoy the comforts of a warm house.

Fighting the winter blues can be difficult, so it’s important we get outside for a dose of fresh air and Vitamin D.

Here at Australian Outdoor Living we love making the most of the warmer winter weather.

To help you do the same, we’ve put together a list of five great garden ideas to help you get outside and soak up the warmth and winter sun.

Use warm lighting

Five great ideas to help you enjoy winter in your backyard - Use warm lighting to make your space more inviting, Australian Outdoor Living.
Use warm lighting to make your space more inviting.

We humans are extremely visual creatures. We react in lots of weird and wonderful ways to what we see.

By swapping out cool, white outdoor lighting with a warmer glow, you can instantly make your winter outdoor area. It’ll feel cosier and more inviting without there being an actual change in the temperature.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pergola or patio, you can also dress it up with some outdoor lighting to add to the style and design of your structure.

Gather some cosy furnishings

Five great ideas to help you enjoy winter in your backyard - Gather some cosy furnishings, Australian Outdoor Living.
Some cosy furnishings will give your space some warmth.

No winter outdoor area is complete without an outdoor furniture setting. There’s nothing better than having a nice outdoor lounge with large cushions and plenty of throw blankets to keep you warm.

Thick textures such as velvet, flannel, faux fur, wool and sheepskin are always a safe bet when it comes to warm materials.

To make the most of your outdoor setting, position it in front of a fire pit or under outdoor heaters. You’ll stay cosy and warm for as long as you want to be outside!

Create a coffee or tea drinking station

Create an area that’s warm and inviting where you can sit and enjoy a warm beverage and watch the world go by.

Set up a small coffee table with a nice comfy seat that allows you to sit back under some warm lighting or in the comfort of some warm outdoor heating. You could also position your coffee station somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight to make the most of those sunny winter days.

Consider some outdoor blinds

Five great ideas to help you enjoy winter in your backyard - Consider some external roller blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds will help insulate our outdoor space.

External roller blinds, such as café style blinds and shade blinds are the most popular way to winter-proof your outdoor area during the cooler months.

These outdoor blinds allow you to create a warm and cosy outdoor space, while still being protected from the cold air, wind and rain.

Outdoor blinds are also a fantastic way of protecting your outdoor furniture.

Roll down your external roller blinds, turn on your outdoor heater and enjoy some of your in-home comforts, outside.

External roller blinds from Australian Outdoor Living come in a variety of colours and materials that will suit the style you’re after. We’ve also got a variety of operating systems to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Build a fire pit

Nothing says “winter DIY project” like a fire pit. There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire pit when the temperature starts to drop!

Find a space in your backyard away from anything that you don’t want to catch alight, then collect some rocks to make a boundary. Start retrieving some sticks for kindling.

If you can’t build your own, you can purchase portable fire pits from most barbeque and hardware retailers. They’ll do the job just fine, and they’re still great for sitting around and getting warm.

Some fire pits can also be in-built to your outdoor space. In-built fire pits come in many shapes and sizes. They’ve even got decorative features and themed chimneys that can really add to the look of your outdoor space.

So there you have it: five great tips to help you make the most of your backyard this winter. Read our blogs for further inspiration ideas for your backyard or garden.

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