Getting More from Your Small Backyard with Mitchell Parker

Get more from your small backyard

If you’ve got a small backyard and you’re worried your lack of space equals a lack of design opportunity, think again. Small spaces can do just as much as big ones.

With clever design and great landscaping you can make the most of your compact space.

Mitchell Parker from home design website has compiled his 16 best tips to get the most from your small backyard.

They’re tips from some of the best landscape architects and designers so we’ve picked out our favourites to share with you!

Implement a smart lighting design

You want to light up your space to give it atmosphere when dusk hits. And a more strategic lighting plan can make all the difference in a small area.

This design includes task lighting to help you scorch the steak by the grill, landscape lighting to highlight features, and ambient lighting to, well, give you freedom to move in a well-lit area – and add ambience, of course.

Getting More from Your Small Backyard with Mitchell Parker - lighting designs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Lighting designs.

Complement your interiors

So that your outdoor living space feels a part of your housing design, give it the same colours and styles that you use indoors. It also gives you a better transition from indoors to outdoors.

Enclose the space

Sounds a bit contradictory, right? Make your small outdoor space larger but shutting it off. How? According to architect Carson Arthur:

“When you enclose a small space even more, you play up its cosiness and make it intimate”.

This article recommends installing a pergola or shading the space with vertical plants.

Keep maintenance to a minimum

Many of us buy smaller spaces so we don’t have to spend hours on upkeep. So it makes no sense to create a complicated high-maintenance space.

Suggestions: a paved or decked yard (or artificial grass!) with pot plants rather than garden beds. Also look at planting native plants and succulents that need little water.

For more great tips on bringing a small space to life, you can check out Parker’s full post here.

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