Have a Sloped Property? Consider a Timber Deck Plan

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Consider a timber deck for your sloped property

A house in the hills.

A beautiful countryside cottage.

Urban elegance.

Unfortunately your dream home, situated in a lovely hilly area, may cause a few nightmares to start with.

While featuring picturesque views you may start to believe that to live the dream; you need to accept a few setbacks.

Well, while a sloped property may impose a few landscaping difficulties your new patch of land can also embody a lot of potential.

That is if you know how to plan it right.

This is where a timber deck plan comes into play.

Timber decking is the perfect way to make the most of your tilting terrain.

It gives you an easy space to move about on – an outdoor room you can make the most of – opposed to space which simply gives you a headache.

With your timber deck plan, you can consider a deck size which takes the gradient into account.

You can create a level outdoor space even as your lawn slopes downwards.

By embracing your property’s characteristics and building a timber deck on your sloping terrain, you’ll go from living with a liability to living in luxury.

Have a Sloped Property? Consider a Timber Deck Plan - Consider a Timber Deck for your slopped property, Australian Outdoor Living
Have a sloped property? Consider a Timber Deck plan.

You can include safety in your timber deck plan

As every parent and pet owner knows, when considering an area for renovation, the safety of your loved ones is already at the forefront of your mind.

At Australian Outdoor Living, our experienced team are here to provide you with help and expert advice.

We are no stranger to difficult backyards and are on hand to help you better utilise your space.

We’ve encountered backyards of all different sizes, shapes and slopes and understand how an inclined terrain may raise concerns.

Timber decking plan is the solution you are looking for as not only does it resolve your frustration, you can also incorporate safety components into the design – providing you and your family a safe and level area to enjoy.

A balustrade or pergola, for example, can add extra layers of protection, in addition, to providing the household relief from the harsh Australian sun.

As well as the above options, should you have any specific requirements, our team at Australian Outdoor Living will do their best to incorporate all design elements into the final plan.

You can choose your ideal timber deck size for entertainment

It’s almost impossible to find the right space for entertainment on a garden with a defiant slope.

However, in the planning stage, you can choose your timber deck size to cater to your hosting tastes!

With timber decking, you can double your entertainment space, and you no longer need to worry about culling the guest list.

A timber deck plan will provide an even surface and attractive look.

Click here to read more about the benefits of installing a timber deck.

Have a Sloped Property? Consider a Timber Deck Plan - You Can Choose Your Ideal Timber Deck Size for Entertainment, Australian Outdoor Living.
You can choose your ideal timber deck size for entertainment.

You can enjoy an elevated view

If you have a sloped backyard you will most likely also have a beautiful view of your surroundings.

Undulating hills.

Alpine forests.

A striking coastal view.

Stunning views naturally lure you and your guests outdoors.

However, if your block drops down, you may never have the space (or height) to appreciate the great outdoors.

Imagine venturing outside, with a cuppa in hand, to make the most of your scenic surroundings from a high vantage point, with your well-cultivated lawn sloping below you.

Add some needed privacy

Sometimes a property high up on a block results in household members feeling somewhat exposed.

Not just to the elements, but to the prying eyes of neighbours.

After all, sloping blocks aren’t limited to the countryside.

Yours could lead only to a fence and, behind it, your neighbour’s property.

If lack of privacy is an issue for you, you can address it in your timber deck plan.

With a roof over your deck, you can also add extra privacy to your property with our wide range of shade blinds and opaque blinds.

Have a Sloped Property? Consider a Timber Deck Plan - Does your timber deck need some privacy, Australian Outdoor Living.
Does your timber deck need some privacy?

Transform your property – and its value

A sloping block of land can be tricky to sell if it hasn’t been landscaped well.

New homebuyers and experienced investors will undoubtedly consider the practicalities of a sloping lawn and the possible hassles of taking care of an unattended gradient.

By not taking the time to present a solution such as timber decking, prior to an open inspection, keen-eyed buyers will be hard pressed to envision how the space can potentially evolve.

Through investing in your homes physical structures and the surrounding built environment, buyers will appreciate the opportunity to purchase a property which has been properly managed and thoroughly renovated.

Transforming your property places you front and centre in the mind of prospective buyers.

Fantastic views and long days and nights spent out on the deck with family and friends will naturally sell itself.

Now, who said having a sloped property is a hassle?

Why build a Timber Deck in your sloped garden?

A neglected sloping garden is a dead space.

It has no use or functionality, little beauty and quickly will become a wasted part of your property.

Not only that, it can potentially impact on your property’s value when it comes time to sell and move on.

No one wants a yard which poses too much work!

A little creativity goes a long way in your backyard as it transforms an obvious problem area into an oasis.

An oasis boasting an entertainment area, play space and retreat all in one.

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