I’ve Shocked My Pool – Why Is It Still Green?

I’ve Shocked My Pool – Why Is It Still Green?

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To ensure your pool returns to normal, there are three things you'll need to get your pool back into shape: the correct chemicals, a filtration system, and of course, plenty of patience.


Shocked your pool and its still green?

Sadly, there’s no magic wand to wave to make your pool crystal clear overnight.

If your pool water has turned into a lovely shade of green, chemically shocking your pool is your best bet to get it back into shape.

To ensure your pool returns to normal, there are three things you’ll need to get your pool back into shape: the correct chemicals, a filtration system, and of course, plenty of patience.

After completing the entire process outlined below, you should start to see your pool crystal clear, sparkling new and ready for a splash.

If you find your pool still murky green after you do chemically shocking your pool, don’t panic.

This can be easily fixed!

I've Shocked My Pool - Why Is It Still Green - Why Your Pool May Still Be Green After Being Shocked, Australian Outdoor Living.
Why your pool may still be green after being shocked.

Step one: Prepare your pool water for testing & shocking

Some people may sit and wonder why their pool turned green in the first place.

This occurs when there is an overabundance of metal elements and little to no chlorine in the water.

To start the process you will first need to clean up any visible debris in the water by using a leaf net.

Don’t panic if it briefly looks worse while you remove most of the larger debris.

As you are stirring up the water other smaller fragments will eventually settle down once again in a few hours.

Step two: Test the water

The first test is intended to check the waters pH levels (not chlorine levels as you’re going to shock the pool anyway).

We recommend doing this as your pH level will dictate whether or not you’ll need to add anything else to help the process along.

You can use inexpensive test strips or a complete kit to do this part of the process.

The kits usually contain all the chemicals you’ll need.

Ideally, you want your pH reading to be on the lower end of the spectrum.

If you do receive a higher reading this simply means your water is alkaline and may potentially turn cloudier than normal after the chemically shocking your pool.

You simply need to introduce hydrochloric acid to the water as this acid neutralises basic elements.

Don’t worry if you’ve accidentally added too much.

Since you’ll be retesting the levels after chemically shocking the pool, you can make any further adjustments then.

I've Shocked My Pool - Why Is It Still Green - Chlorine, Australian Outdoor Living.

Step three: Shocking the pool

Once you have a pH reading at around 7 you can start the process of chemically shocking your pool.

To do this you’ll need liquid chlorine.

First, disburse your chosen form of chlorine to the water evenly around the pool (until you’ve used the entire product) and turn on your filter pump.

Allow this to circulate for several hours.

At this stage, ensure you brush your pool thoroughly.

It’s also a good idea to use a quality algaecide as well which is suitable for your pool.

Step four: Pumping & filtration

Continue to run your filter normally for a few days (exact time frames can vary depending on your filter – please read below).

For the quickest results try and backwash your filter up to four times a day.

We recommend this frequently as hazy jade-green water will clog your filter quickly.

I've Shocked My Pool - Why Is It Still Green - Pumping and Filtration, Australian Outdoor Living.

Types of filters

  • If you have a Sand Filter continue with the above process however it is recommended you check your filter daily and backwash it if you see the average psi escalate to at least five above your pool’s “normal” level when it’s clear.
  • If you have a Cartridge Filter you much check to ensure it’s in good working condition prior to commencing. With a cartridge filter, you’ll need to clean your pool more often in comparison to other filters available. Run the filter twice a day for at least two days, or until the pool is clear.

The end result

After twenty-four hours of chemical treatments and circulation, your pool will begin to transform.

While it shouldn’t be green anymore, don’t jump in just yet!

Prior to taking the first plunge back in repeat the earlier pH test.

If all levels are clear, backwash your filter one last time and then you’re ready to go!

Maintain your pool

It’s always best to never let your pool get to this state, but we understand sometimes life happens.

If you simply can’t keep up or don’t have enough time to devote to regular maintenance, our Mobile Pool Servicing team (South Australia only) is only a phone call or a click away.

They are here to keep your swimming pool in its best condition all year round.

We come to you, check, clean, balance and perform any maintenance, ensuring your pool is ready to go as soon as the mercury rises.

So you can sit back and relax while our pool experts make your pool as good as new.

Click here to find out why it’s important to start planning your swimming pool early.

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