Five reasons you need outdoor blinds

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Outdoor blinds, your gateway to outdoor living & entertaining.

Australians are very fortunate to be able to experience the full variety of having four seasons in a year.

We do get some extreme weather occasionally, but most of the time, it’s perfect to get outdoors!

Outdoor living is not a new concept.

In fact, many home owners in Australia have grandiose dreams of a beautiful backyard or side patio, where family and friends can chill and enjoy the gift of nature.

One of the best approaches to creating the perfect outdoor experience for your home, is through the use of outdoor blinds.

A set of elegantly designed outdoor blinds can not only recreate your backyard, pergola or patio, it could also re-define the way you use your outdoor space – and in most cases, your lifestyle!

Stay with us as we give you 5 reasons to get outdoor blinds.

Five reasons you need outdoor blinds - Outdoor Blinds, your gateway to outdoor living & entertaining, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds, your gateway to outdoor living and entertaining.

What are outdoor blinds?

Although similar in function to indoor blinds, which is to provide shade and shelter, outdoor blinds are hardier than indoor blinds.

Premium blinds can provide all weather protection for external areas.

Outdoor Blinds are made from highly durable fabrics with reinforced seams that are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions we sometimes experience in Australia.

Resistant to strong winds, rains and other elements, outdoor blinds are an excellent way to expand your indoors outdoor.

Below are 5 reasons why outdoor blinds are becoming one of the most popular choices for home improvement in Australia.

Five reasons you need outdoor blinds - What are Outdoor Blinds, Australian Outdoor Living.
5 reasons why outdoor blinds are becoming popular.

1. Expanding your lifestyle outdoors

As you would know, outdoor entertaining is big in Australia.

And why not? After all, we have such lovely weather.

Especially when flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes are in full bloom in spring and autumn, giving you another reason to get outdoor blinds.

Exterior blinds can create the perfect outdoor entertaining area by sectionalising your external space – whether it’s your frontyard, backyard or side patio.

Your outdoor blinds consultant will be able to suggest the best approach for your home, depending on your home layout.

Some popular ideas for the use of outdoor blinds include :

  • Shades for a standalone Verandah or Pergola
  • Creating a sheltered pool area
  • Sectionalising an external BBQ area
  • Carving out a safe play area for kids or even pets

The whole idea is to move your lifestyle outdoors!

Research shows that people are usually more relaxed and happy outdoors – and that is exactly how you want your family and guests to feel.

2. All weather protection

This is another key reason to get outdoor blinds.

The Australian climate and strong winds can create a lot of dust, leaves and debris, especially on your verandah or pergola floor.

Don’t you just loathe having to sweep up your verandah or porch – every single day?

Outdoor blinds can provide a partition that shelters your outdoor areas from the elements, and even undesirable insects and pests.

An outdoor blind can significantly reduce the need for cleaning and maintenance of these areas.

Whether you are looking to enjoy the outdoors even when it rains, or keep your home cooler during the summer heatwaves, outdoor blinds are always a great to have at home.

3. Increase the value of your home

Another reason to get outdoor blinds is because they can enhance the value of a home.

Especially if you match it with a well designed BBQ or pool area, or even a stand alone pergola.

Many home buyers are inclined to pay a little more for homes with a well designed outdoor entertainment area.

Australians love the outdoors and some might even say “it’s almost un-Australian to not have a verandah.”

Just look at property listings on sites like, homes with beautiful backyards and outside spaces, always standout and command a higher price.

4. Perfect fit for your new or existing structure

Outdoor blinds can be fitted easily on any verandah, pergola or patio.

Even carports.

A free measure and quote by an Australian Outdoor Living design consultant is all that is required.

You can configure your outdoor blinds by choosing from a wide selection colors and fabrics, and decide between a manual system or go for Australian Outdoor Living’s Motion Series – an automated guided track system.

Regardless of the style of your external structure, you will find a perfect match in Australian Outdoor Living’s Outdoor Blinds.

5. Reduce your power costs

Nowadays, many table conversations revolve around the exorbitant energy prices in Australia.

As a result, home owners are very cautious about their electricity consumption.

And naturally so!

Power bills can easily skyrocket out of control.

During summer, the cost of cooling a home is cited as one of the highest in terms of home consumption patterns.

Air conditioners, especially ducted reverse cycle systems, consume a lot of electrical power in the process of cooling a home.

Outdoor blinds are a great way to reduce the heat build up in a home.

Especially for verandah areas that separate the indoors from the outdoors.

Installing quality outdoor blinds can block out a significant amount of heat – keeping the heat out of your indoor living area.

This translates in to power savings as your air conditioner will not need to work as hard to bring your home’s ambient temperature down.

Five reasons you need outdoor blinds - Reduce your energy costs, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor blinds help reduce your energy costs.

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