Outdoor Living Spaces high priority in American Institute of Architects Survey

Outdoor living spaces are a high priority 

The latest American Institute of Architects (AIA) Home Design Trends Survey has revealed that creating a useful and versatile outdoor living space is a high priority for American home owners to improve the value of their home.

The results, which were released by the Institute last week, show 29% of respondents ranking their outdoor living space as the most popular room in the house.

Two-thirds of respondents agree that outdoor living areas, patios and verendahs were growing in popularity and becoming an essential part of the home in expanding the options for living spaces.

Outdoor Living Spaces high priority in American Institute of Architects Survey - Outdoor Living Spaces high priority in American Institute of Architects Survey, Australian Outdoor Living.
Outdoor living spaces high priority in American Institute of Architects survey.

It’s not like we haven’t been banging on about how amazing outdoor living spaces are for the functionality and value of your home since we started out (we are called Australian Outdoor Living after all), but it is definitely pretty cool to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

The survey writes:

Outdoor living rooms have been a popular way to add space to homes, but recent AIA surveys on home features have pointed to growing interest in these areas.

With the second quarter survey, almost two-thirds of respondents indicated that outdoor living areas and rooms were growing in popularity, while fewer than 2 percent indicated that interest was declining.

Outdoor living areas and rooms top the list with 29 percent of respondents selecting as the most popular special function option, followed closely by mud rooms and home offices.

With the growing interest by many households in special function rooms in particular, and more space in general, interest is also growing in special home features.

While some features focus on energy efficiency and sustainable design (e.g., extra insulation) and evolving household composition (e.g., homes that accommodate multiple generations), most of the popular special features of homes focus on improving accessibility around the home.

Additionally, systems that promote increased energy efficiency and sustainable home design continue to be popular.

Energy management systems, solar panels, electric docking stations for cars, and geothermal heating/cooling heat pumps are all on the list of popular home systems, according to residential architects.

You can read the full results of the survey here.

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