Planning Your Backyard Swimming Pool Location

When you plan on putting a pool in your backyard, you’ve got to think about more than the enjoyment your family is going to get from it. Where you change your pool will change the layout, design, look and feel of your backyard.

swimming pool

Think about the shape and size of your block

Where and how you place your pool on your land will hugely affect your property. Both size and shape have a baring, but location is particularly important. In most cases, installing your pool close to your home will be the most suitable choice. This is simply because a decent-sized pool will take up the majority of any small backyard.

In a small backyard,  a round or oval pool may fit better within the space. This is specifically because a pool will often need to look as though it’s just another part of the house when it is in a small yard. Choosing a patio or deck to surround the pool that is similar in colour and style to the décor of your existing outdoor living space will therefore be necessary to create a cohesive outdoor oasis.

If you have a large yard, you have much greater flexibility in your approach to a pool design. You really don’t need to consider matching it to your home – the sky is the limit. If you’d rather have an atypical shape, you can do that. In fact, choosing tile to surround the pool that is very different from the home will define it as an entirely separate part of your yard, provided you choose to set it a distance away from your home.

If you would rather have your pool set close to the home in a large yard, then the same rules apply for outdoor design as they do with the small yard. Just remember, that the closer to the house, the more noise from the pool you’ll hear when you’re indoors!

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