Pooling The Resources

Pooling The Resources

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Australian Outdoor Living boost its pools and spas division

Major home improvement company Australian Outdoor Living has boosted its pools and spas division by acquiring award-winning concrete pools company, Marlin Pools.

Australian Outdoor Living managing director Colin Kuchel said the company will continue marketing its customised concrete range under the Marlin Pools label to capitalise on the brand’s more than 50 years’ experience, reputation and goodwill it enjoys in South Australia.

“While we’ve done very well with our Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass range, this exciting acquisition adds a formidable dimension to our pools product range and places us in a position for further growth, ” he said.

“We now have a quality pool to meet just about every customer requirement and even the most challenging of construction sites.”

Pooling The Resources - Create your own vision with Australian Outdoor Living's range of concrete pools, Australian Outdoor Living.
Create your own vision with Australian Outdoor Living’s range of concrete pools.

Marlin Pools’ owner for the past 15 years, Hans Pullens, has joined Australian Outdoor Living to head its concrete pools division, effective immediately.

Mr Pullens said he was delighted Marlin Pools had been purchased by another, premier company, to offer discerning customers the best possible pool solutions.

“Australian Outdoor Living is a market leader in outdoor living and home improvement products and services and the perfect fit for Marlin Pools,” he said.

“Together we offer the best fibreglass pools through Australian Outdoor Living’s exclusive SA dealership arrangement with Barrier Reef Pools and the best concrete swimming pools and spas, backed by the best in professionalism, workmanship, customer service and after sales service.”

Mr Kuchel said fibreglass pools are pre-build and require a large access area to install, whereas concrete pools such as the customised variety Marlin Pools specialises in, can be installed in “even the trickiest of locations. That’s a great boon for us and for our customers,” he said.

Marlin Pools won two Gold Awards at the 2011 Swimming Pool and Spa Association SA (SPASA) awards for residential concrete pools valued more than $50,000 and $100,000.

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Australian Outdoor Living is passionate about helping people love their life outdoors. We offer a range of products, including:

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