The Most Popular Outdoor Renovations for Australians (and They’re Not What You Think!)

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At least once in your life, you’ll probably invest in a backyard makeover. Most of the time, the result isn’t the only reward. It’s also incredibly fun to design and enliven your little bit of the outdoors.

But sometimes it’s hard to know what to do to make your backyard fun, beautiful and functional – is your renovation going to add value to your house or will it look quickly outdated?

At Australian Outdoor Living, we’ve looked at the most popular Aussie choices for outdoor renovations so you know what the market is like.

Whether you’re renovating to create an outdoor entertaining space you can utilise well into the future, or to improve the value of your property, it’s good to know what popular designs are commonly chosen to give you a better understanding of what is most important to Australians today.

To give us a helping hand, we’ve looked at our own statistics from 2013 to see which of our products are most popular with Australia’s outdoors-loving citizens. Here’s what we found:

How Australians are Investing in Outdoor Renovations

Our outdoor café and shade blinds were our most popular product of 2013, proving that while Aussies love a bit of al fresco R&R, it’s nice to have some respite from the sun every now and again.

Coming in second place was our artificial grass, an increasingly popular product at Australian Outdoor Living. The lush lawn is still part of the Aussie backyard dream, but people are recognising the value in investing in grass that is low maintenance and saves water.

When we come to the big-time renovations, Australians still showed a lot of enthusiasm. We sold more than 200 fibreglass pools and almost 700 pergolas, verandahs, decks and carports combined.

Ready to Renovate?

We’re getting calls for more and more installations and renovations every day. If you’re looking to join these Aussie trends, check out our other resources:

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