Outdoor Blinds – Bella Crystal & Bella Bronze Clear & Tinted – Victoria

Outdoor Blinds With A Crystal Clear View

Most people love Melbourne because of its beautiful climate. We’re blessed with amazing weather for the majority of the year, so it makes sense that you’d want a front row seat in your very own backyard. Clear and tinted café blinds from Australian Outdoor Living are perfect for your home if you want to block out heat, wind and rain without losing any part of your incredible view.

Our clear and tinted cafe blinds are custom designed to suit you and your home, giving you the freedom to enjoy comfort outdoors without blocking the view. Exclusive to the Classic operation system, these blinds are sure to complement any outdoor space and provide protection from the elements.

Made to order with an innovative design, our blinds have been created with exceptional clarity as well as for the practical reasons of versatility, durability, ease of use, low maintenance and longevity.

Designed and manufactured in Australia for the Australian climate, they are made and guaranteed to withstand our harsh conditions. Made from the highest quality marine grade materials, our blinds require minimal maintenance, are built to last and come with excellent guarantees.
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With their traditional style, our manually operated Classic Exterior Blinds are vastly popular among Australians. This operation system allows for complete control of the blind tension, remaining taut at any height. Versatile in application and available in our entire fabric range, our Classic Exterior Blinds are sure to impress.


Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze Colour Options

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Bronze colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Bella Bronze

Outdoor Blinds - Bella Crystal colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Bella Crystal

Bella Crystal and Bella Bronze 'Ferrari' Border

Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari Red colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari Heritage Green colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Heritage Green

Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari Black colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari Cream colour option, Australian Outdoor Living


Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari White colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Ferrari White

Outdoor Blinds - Ferrari Slate Grey colour option, Australian Outdoor Living

Slate Grey

Please Note:Whilst every effort has been made to have our available colours displayed/pictured as accurately as possible, these images are to be used as an indication only.


J. & C. Havercroft

The end result is excellent.

P. & D. Lehn

We have no hesitation in recommending Australian Outdoor Living to others.


Our outdoor Shade Blinds look very lovely, keep admiring it each time we go to our Pergola & Patio areas.


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Spruce up your outdoor area with a set of stylish outdoor blinds. Choose from clear and tinted café blinds and stylish shade blinds. There’s never been a better time to buy.


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