Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Pool

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A how to guide to cleaning your pool. 

For many pool owners, the sight of their pool can manifest great feelings of joy and pride.

For others, the pool in their backyard might conjure up feelings of guilt and despair.

Don’t let yourself fall into the latter category.

A neglected pool is going to end up being a waste of the money you initially invested in it.

Following this quick guide to cleaning pool will not only result in a great looking pool but also hopefully help you form a habit of proper pool care you will keep and repeat throughout the pool season, year after year.

While there aren’t too many complicated steps, neglecting just one or two of these important activities will, in time, result in a less-than-perfect pool condition.

Improper pool cleaning practices can have many negative consequences including, but not limited to, adverse health consequences and people refusing your pool party invites for fear of being caught in a bog of algae, leaves and bugs.

Don’t be that friend with a wasted pool – follow this quick guide to cleaning your pool and keep it so.

Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Pool - A How To Guide To Cleaning Your Pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
A how to guide to cleaning your pool.

Step one

Gather all of the supplies and components necessary to complete the cleaning work. These include:

  • A telescopic pole (to help you reach those difficult, submerged spots.).
  • A leaf rake or skimmer.
  • A pool brush.
  • A vac head or hose.
  • Pool cleaner 

Step two

Make sure to use your brush and the telescopic pole in combination to brush the walls and floor of your pool on a weekly basis, at least.

Step three

Get rid of nasty, unsightly debris and leaves using a leaf net, once again attached to your telescopic pole.

Skim the surface and be sure to get in all the nooks and crannies, so you don’t miss any spots.

Step four

Vacuum the bottom and corners of your pool with the vac head attached to your telescopic pole.

You must be sure to get the correct vacuum head type as there are various types matching the different materials a pool can be made of.

Check if your pool’s sides are made of vinyl, fibreglass or concrete and get a vacuum head that matches accordingly.

Step five

Take care of your filters.

If you have a cartridge filter, you’ll need to them about three times per year.

With proper maintenance, they can last one to two pool seasons.

If you have a sand filter, you must backwash water through it on a regular basis to dislodge debris and dirt.

The backwashing works by reversing the water flow through the filter.

Backwash every time your tank pressure reaches 10 psi over the standard pressure indicated upon startup.

Step six

Ensure your chemical levels are correct three times weekly for fresh and shimmering crystal clear water.

Getting the right balance of pool water chemicals can be a bit a tricky, so take time to learn more about your pool water chemistry.

Step seven

Your pool needs sanitisation and chlorine is the chemical perfect for the job.

Chlorine tablets are the best way to go as they dissolve slowly and offer a slow-release of chlorine into your pool environment.

Step eight

Every two weeks your pool will need to be shocked.

No, you don’t need any electricity for this.

A shock is a potent form of sanitisation which can fight the build-up of debris that occurs after a few consecutive weeks of pool use.

The shock comes in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated versions but either one will help kill tough algae.

An average pool can last 20 years and retain much of its original glory when it’s properly maintained.

Reaping the best value out of your pool is going to come as a result of putting valuable effort into pool maintenance on a regular basis.

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