Quick Tips for Matching the Perfect Outdoor Spa to Your Yard

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Quick tips for matching the perfect outdoor spa to your yard

Outdoor spas are the very definition of luxury and opulence.

They can serve as a relaxing retreat from life; a masseuse that’s constantly on-call in your own backyard.

They can be the centrepiece of your social life; a permanently installed reason to invite your friends over for drinks.

And investing in one for your backyard not only opens up a wealth of opportunities for fun and relaxation, it also adds value to your home.

So for those who have made the decision to invest in a spa, what do you need to think about in order for it to complement the rest of your outdoor space?

Here are a few things to contemplate in order to select the perfect outdoor spa for your home

A remedial or a social piece 

The first thing to figure out is whether your outdoor spa is going to be used mainly for relaxing or for socialising, as most spas are designed for one purpose or the other

Remedial spas are usually made of fibreglass or composite plastics, and are contoured to your body.

They have a higher count of carefully positioned jets that aim to maximise the relaxation factor, and are often designed to hold occupants in a reclined position.

These spas are referred to as ‘portable’, as they come in one piece and can be dropped into concrete, earth or timber decks

Social spas are more commonly focussed on creating the best social environment, rather than a relaxing one.

For this reason they usually replace contoured linings with simple bench seats, and reduce the number of jets, allowing space for more people (and, subsequently, more fun).

Social spas can still be portable, although a customised look can be gained by installing a more permanent concrete spa.

Quick Tips for Matching the Perfect Outdoor Spa to Your Yard - A remedial or source of peace, Australian Outdoor Living.
Quick tips for matching the perfect outdoor spa to your yard.

The benefits of portability 

While a permanent spa may offer a slightly larger range of looks, a portable outdoor spa may be your best choice.

These spas are standalone units, sitting above the ground and retaining everything required to run the spa – such as the electronics and other machinery – within the unit.

The major benefit of portable spas is right there in the name – if you choose to move house, you can take it with you.

Likewise, if you choose to do home renovations, you can simply remove the spa, make the changes, and put it back again.

Portable spas are also easier to maintain, as you can comfortably access the machinery, and deliver the exact same user experience as a more permanent option.

If you’re looking for flexibility in your spa purchase, a portable model is definitely your best bet

A hidden treasure

It may be that you feel an outdoor spa would be too dominant, or too much of an eyesore in your backyard.

Perhaps your yard is relatively small, or already has your version of landscaping perfection.

In this case, a concealed spa may be the way forward.

By installing your spa in-ground, you can essentially retain all the space and atmosphere that your backyard currently offers, while enjoying the benefits of a outdoor spa at your whim.

Beautiful deck covers, be they flip-up or roll-over, can cleverly disguise your spa as a simple sundeck until you see fit to reveal it.

Using a deck cover will also allow the spa to breathe, keeping the water fresher for longer.

Modern outdoor spa design and installation methods allow for a stunning amount of flexibility when it comes to finding the perfect spa for your yard.

By using a reputable dealer, you can utilise their expertise in finding the right solution for you.

So what are you waiting for? Opulence awaits. 

Quick Tips for Matching the Perfect Outdoor Spa to Your Yard - A hidden treasure, Australian Outdoor Living.
A beautiful deck cover for your outdoor spa.

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