Roller Shutters Design Ideas, Inspiration and more!

Roller Shutters are a functional and practical addition to your home. They lock heat in during winter, and keep your home cool during summer. Shutters also provide additional security benefits by keeping your home protected from burglars.

But Roller Shutters aren’t just for practicality, they’re also great for adding a bit more style to your home and can be used in a variety of ways to create interesting design features. Take a look at some past work we’ve done and a few other ideas from around the web for some design inspiration on how Roller Shutters can be a beautiful addition to your home!

Not just for windows

Roller Shutters are not just for your windows. They can add an entire new room to your house when used on your verandah or pergola. Keep the heat and the sun out of your outdoor entertaining space with Roller Shutters, and whenever you roll them down you have an instant extension to your home!

Verandah Roller Shutters

Match or contrast colours

The best thing about Roller Shutters from Australian Outdoor Living is that they can be custom made to suit your home and can be in matching or contrasting colours to complement your existing architectural features.

White Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter with Lines

You can choose lines and patterns on your roller shutters to complement your entire house, not just the colour of the walls. Check out the matching roof and shutter combo above.

Contrasting Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be a statement piece just as much as they can blend into their surrounds. If you want something bolder that stands out, you can’t go past contrasting colours. The white shutters with grey walls design above is a perfect example of how to make your shutters pop. We also love the side-by-side design of the windows and shutters, with parallel narrow windows a popular trend this season.

If you’re thinking about installing roller shutters in your home, why not check out our full range of styles and colours? Alternatively get in touch with us to arrange a free measure and quote!


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