Security, insulation, light control and noise
reduction…just a few of the countless benefits.



Take control of your home with superior roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living. Not only are our roller shutters the perfect security solution, they allow you to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, significantly saving you on your energy bills.

At this point in time, roller shutters are only available in SA, QLD and ACT.


In and around Adelaide, roller shutters are the perfect solution for keeping your home as cool as possible. Reduce noise, control light, add privacy and insulate your home with roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living. It’s an investment you’ll be thankful of, for years to come.

Interested? Check out the gallery below for a collection of roller shutter installation photos.


Peace of Mind
Security & Safety

Roller shutters have been proven to act as a deterrent to potential theft. Australian Outdoor Living roller shutters have also been approved in certain conditions by CSIRO to be suitable protection against radiant heat and ember attacks from bushfires. Sleep easy, feeling safe and secure, with the addition of stylish and practical roller shutters from Australian Outdoor Living.

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The Insulation

Every Australian Outdoor Living roller shutter has superior insulation properties. Each section is injected with premium polyurethane insulation, keeping your home toasty and warm in the winter, and lovely and cool in the summer.

Effective Noise

Our roller shutters boast the thickest aluminium on the market, providing your home with the best insulation, light control and up to 50% noise reduction – perfect for shift workers and homes on busy roads.

Superior Rollers

We use aluminium with a thickness of 8mm, whilst some of our competitors only use 5.7mm. Furthermore, our shutters are coated in baked enamel – that means no cracking or fading, and shutters that look just as they did the day they were installed, for years to come.


Strap Winder

The strap winder is the standard manual operation option. This is the most popular manual operation type on double brick properties.

Strap Coiler

The strap coiler pulley system is perfect for awkward areas such as small bathrooms. This system can only be used on small windowed areas.

Remote Control

The remote control option allows you to roll your shutters up and down from anywhere in the room without having to get up from your comfy spot on the couch.

Hard Wired Switch

Electric cables run through the inside of the wall cavity and are not visible, with the exception of some properties in which conduit is required. After that, it’s as easy as flicking a switch!


Please Note:Colours represented as accurately as possible, but should be used as an indication only. The actual colours may vary.
Main Roller Shutter Colour Options

Choose from the following colours:

  • Roller Shutter Swatches - SaharaSahara
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - AlmondAlmond
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - SilverSilver
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - BrownBrown
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - WhiteWhite
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - Classic CreamClassic Cream
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - BlackBlack
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - Woodland GreyWoodland Grey
Powdercoated Roller Shutter Colour Options

Choose from the following colours:

  • Roller Shutter Swatches - GreenOlive Green
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - GreyGrey
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - CharcoalCharcoal
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - GreenGreen
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - BronzeBronze
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - RedRed
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - Mountain BlueMountain Blue
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - MushroomMushroom
  • Roller Shutter Swatches - CreamCream

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Roller Shutters

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