Splash Plans – Building A New Home Is The Perfect Time To Consider Installing A Swimming Pool

SPLASH PLANS – Building a new home is the perfect time to consider installing a pool
Sunday Mail – Home Magazine, p14, 31st July 2011

Deciding to build a pool early in the planning process for your new home will make it easier for you to liaise with your builder, co-ordinate pool building times with that of the house and ensure approvals are completed on time.

There are some traps people may be unaware of when installing a swimming pool but also some tips to make the process easier.

Michael Robinson, director of the pools division with outdoor home improvement specialist Australian Outdoor Living, is an industry expert with a high level of experience in the sale and installation of pools.

“The biggest factors to consider is access to the backyard as many new homes, once built, only have narrow access areas or are blocked by a garage,” he says.

“Ideally if you are building a new home, decide whether or not to install a pool early on in the process, preferably when planning with your builder.

“This means the equipment required to build the pool can access the backyard without the hindrance of a house. If you are working to a set building schedule, you do not want an installer that is lagging behind and setting back the progress of your new home.”

Michael says an installer needs to work closely with the home builder to ensure they can gain access to the site. For a fibreglass pool, a full day of excavation will take place where 100 tonnes or more of soil and rubble will be removed from a property. Then the pool floor base will be set ready to have the fibreglass pool shell craned into the yard.

“It is not the installation process that can catch people by surprise but rather the approval process that needs to be undertaken with the local council,” he says. “A new pool will not be approved by a council until the house building application is approved.

“Plans for a pool can be submitted with the house plans but the home owner will need to have decided on a pool builder. This is so the pool builder’s engineer’s specifications can be submitted with the house plans.”

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