IT may be cold but now is the official time to start planning to install a swimming pool.

And if you’re looking to make a splash, selecting a square or rectangular-shaped inground pool is the way to go, Statewide Pools’s Pagey Iqbal says.

“Above ground pools are ugly,” he says. “You can spend five to 10 grand more and get something that looks nicer.”

Mr Iqbal says fibreglass pools are a more popular option that concrete pools.

“They’re a little bit cheaper and you can change the colour,” he says.

“Concrete pools are also colder and people don’t like a cold pool.

“Fibreglass pools are easier to install as well. They only take around four days and concrete pools take months to finish.”

Australian Outdoor Living pool division general manager Michael Robinson agrees that older-style kidney pools should be avoided.

“What we’re finding is the straight lines continue to be very popular at the moment,” he says.

“It’s a more modern look than the older-style kidney-shaped pool, which no one sells any more.”

Mr Robinson says the trend if for fibreglass pools, most of which now come with a child safety ledge.

“It’s down about 60cm and just sticks out enough that the kids can put their feet on it to get out of the pool if they’re tired,” he says. “They can pull themselves up at least and shuffle around the pool.”

Mr Robinson says plunge pools and lap pools are growing in popularity because new homes have less space but people still want a pool for recreation and exercise.

“We’re selling a lot more of the smaller pools and putting in swim jets so people can exercise, and it fits even in a courtyard,” he says.

Swimming Pool and Spa Association state manager Fred Frede agrees that pools have adapted to meet the change in people’s lifestyles and the size of their properties.

“The style and type of pool that you have is only limited by your imagination,” he says. “People can come up with a concept and then the engineer or pool contractor will finish it.”

Mr Frede says the most important thing to remember with a pool is that children will immediately jump into nearly any body of water.

“The safety side of things has got to be paramount,” he says.

Tessa Akerman.
The Advertiser – Adelaide Trader, p1, 29th June 2012

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