Cows for Cambodia

Through his charity Cows for Cambodia, Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello is slowly changing the lives of some of Cambodia’s poorest rural families. Eighty per cent of the country’s 15 million people live outside cities, many relying on farming for survival. Cows for Cambodia is essentially a ‘cow bank’ that loans a pregnant cow to families to care and look after. Once the cow gives birth, the family keeps the calf and returns the cow. Cows for Cambodia provides opportunities to families that need it most in an effort to help break the poverty cycle.

Australian Outdoor Living’s Owner and Managing Director, Colin Kuchel, had previously participated in a one of Cosi’s visits to Cambodia and decided to return with AOL’s Senior Management Team. During their time away, the team built a house for a disadvantaged family, delivered rice to locals in need, visited a school to cook dinner for over 300 disadvantaged children, and immunised a herd of goats for the charity’s farm. The team were also lucky enough to visit some of the families currently raising cows through the charity which really ‘hit home’ to see the results of Cosi’s and the Cows for Cambodia team’s efforts.

Our group agreed that it was an eye opening and rewarding experience and a partnership that AOL is very proud to have been involved with. We would like to thank everyone who supported our team along the way. If you’d like to find out more and contribute to the long term goal of having 1,000 cows in the project, please visit their website.