Suburban backyard or luxury resort?

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Have you ever seen a backyard swimming pool so nice that it looks like a luxury resort?

We have… In fact, we’ve installed a few! We’ve put together a list of our favourite Australian Outdoor Living swimming pools that would look right at home in any luxury resort.

A rural paradise nestled in the Adelaide Hills

luxury resort

Who doesn’t love a peaceful rural retreat?

This property has an inviting entertaining area, breathtaking panoramic views and a luxurious concrete pool. It’s so stunning that you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a luxury resort!

This swimming pool features both a spa and an infinity edge overlooking the Adelaide Hills. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few nights here?

Is this a luxury resort in Bali or Thailand? Nope… It’s an Aussie backyard.

This resort-style outdoor space features a rustic pergola, a spa, and a large splash deck protected from the sun by a free-hanging shade umbrella.

The dark tiles in the water perfectly contrast the lighter surrounds to create a luxuriously picturesque backyard swimming experience.

Simple, yet effective

Created with relaxation in mind, this stunning fibreglass swimming pool lends a beachside resort-style feel to a bustling inner-city suburb.

This pool is luxurious, stylish and modern, resulting in a backyard that adds a touch of luxury to the home.

A luxury resort in a bushland setting

Designed to fit in with the bushland location, this beautiful swimming pool is the perfect combination of luxury and style.

The rustic fencing and paving perfectly complement the rural area, creating a luxurious space the whole family can enjoy.

A beachside resort in inner suburbia

luxury resort

When it comes to the inner-suburbs, swimming pools don’t come much more stylish than this.

The pool and its tiled surrounds fit perfectly in this suburban paradise, creating a luxurious, relaxing space for years to come.

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