The Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Needs

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Choose the best outdoor flooring for your needs 

When designing your backyard, there are so many things to consider.

Will you have a pergola or a verandah?

What kind of outdoor blinds will you have?

Is there room for a pool, or at least a water feature?

It can be easy to forget what’s under your feet.

There are many options for your outdoor flooring, but with so much to plan, it can be difficult to decide what will be best for your home and your lifestyle.

Consider what you want and need from an outdoor flooring, and then read on for the best outdoor flooring options for your backyard.

The Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Needs - Decking is a great option for your backyard if you value style, Australian Outdoor Living.
Decking is a great option for your backyard if you value style.

If style is important to you


Decking is a great option for your backyard if you value style.

Timber decking can look rustic, contemporary or sophisticated, depending on how you style your space.

With its natural look, timber decking adds beauty and warmth to your backyard, making it a chic feature of any pergola or verandah.


Brick can be laid in a number of patterns, from chic herringbone to circular designs and basket-weave.

It is a classic choice of outdoor flooring and looks particularly beautiful when teamed with rustic trimmings and overgrowing greenery and moss.

The Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Needs - Brick, Australian Outdoor Living.
Brick can be laid in a number of patterns, from chic herringbone to circular designs and basket-weave.

If you want the best value

Natural Grass

Grass seeds are relatively inexpensive and can be easy to grow.

If you don’t really care about how presentable it is throughout the year, it can be affordable to look after.

If presentation is important to you though, the cost can rise exponentially.

Mowing, watering and fertilising can all add up over time!

Synthetic lawn

An alternative to natural grass is artificial grass.

After the initial installation costs, it becomes an affordable outdoor flooring option since it doesn’t demand watering, mowing or fertilising.


Concrete is affordable and very low-maintenance.

It is a great option if you have more important things to purchase when designing your backyard!

But we’ll be the first to admit that concrete can sometimes look a bit unsightly.

To dress it up – and minimise the cost of crack repairs – consider concrete pavers as another option.

If you’re looking for an outdoor play area surface

Artificial Grass

Kids are pretty prone to slips and falls – but it doesn’t not suit a parent to be constantly hovering around them to prevent every tumble!

An outdoor playground in their own backyard is a child’s dream come true!

But it’s a nightmare for many a parent with a concrete surface…

Which is what makes artificial grass a great alternative.

Artificial grass comes with soft padding to resemble natural grass, but stands up to wear and tear in a way natural grass simply can’t.

If you have a pool


Specially manufactured pool tiles are a top option for your pool area.

They are often textured so they are anti-slip and durable.

They are made to survive pool chemicals and the harsh Australian sun.

There are also a lot of options for colours, sizes and shapes, so you can add your own design touches.

The Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Needs - If you have a pool, Australian Outdoor Living.
Specially manufactured pool tiles are a top option for your pool area.


Decking around a swimming pool offers a timeless, elegant look along with a resistant surface that will prevent any slippages.

This is the kind of pool surface that’s certain to get you into holiday mode!

When choosing the timber, you will need to make sure you get timber that can withstand pool chemicals and the weather.

Artificial Grass

How’s this for something new… If you want a fresh look, laying artificial grass on one side of your pool or more is a great idea.

It provides adequate amount of traction, and is soft to cushion any falls as kids play near the poolside (though we hope you’ve taught them better than that!).

If you want something low maintenance


Stone outdoor flooring is highly durable and extremely low-maintenance.

It doesn’t discolour as easily as concrete, and weeds will find it difficult to grow in the gaps.

Just an occasional sweep and hose down is all that is needed.

Artificial Grass

As we said above, artificial grass requires little maintenance.

Toss the lawn mower out.

And pull out the hose only every once in a while if you think the blades need a wash down.

A perfectly manicured lawn for very little effort at all.

The Best Outdoor Flooring for Your Needs - Artificial Grass, Australian Outdoor Living.
Artificial grass requires little maintenance.

If you care about the environment

Artificial Grass

It’s the winner… Again!

If saving water is important to you and your household, artificial grass is the way to go.

All it needs is an occasional rinse, unlike real grass that demands regular watering in summer.

You don’t have to use chemicals to keep it looking nice either.

What do you think?

Is there something here that suits your fancy?

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