Here’s why you should consider installing a timber deck in your sloped backyard.

Owning a house on a hill can have its advantages, such as waking up each morning to picturesque views. Unfortunately, hilly backyards can also cause potential problems.

Sloped properties can cause headaches when it comes to landscaping your backyard. The changes in elevation can make it difficult to figure out exactly how to create a stylish, unique space.

That’s where a installing a timber deck from Australian Outdoor Living comes in.

Timber decking is the perfect way to make the most of your sloping backyard. It gives you an easy space in which to move about and an outdoor room you can make the most of.

Installing a timber deck in your backyard will allow you to create a practical outdoor space even as your backyard slopes downwards.

Your timber deck will help you embrace your property’s characteristics and live a life of luxury in your backyard.

At Australian Outdoor Living, our experienced team are here to provide you with help and expert advice. We are no stranger to difficult backyards and are on hand to help you better utilise your space.

We’ve encountered backyards of all different sizes, shapes and slopes so we understand how an inclined terrain may raise concerns.

Our extensive experience gives us the knowledge to plan a timber deck installation that is perfect for your backyard.

Timber decking: a great solution for a sloping backyard - A timber deck can provide a flat entertaining space on a sloping block, Australian Outdoor Living.
A timber deck can provide a flat entertaining space on a sloping block.

Safety comes first

When considering how you’ll undertake a renovation, the safety of your loved ones is always at the forefront of your mind.

We’ll work with you to design a timber deck with built-in safety features for your peace of mind.

A balustrade or pergola, for example, can add extra layers of protection while providing relief from the harsh Australian sun.

Should you have any specific requirements, the team at Australian Outdoor Living will do their best to incorporate all design elements into the final plan.

Choose your ideal size for entertaining

It can be difficult to find space for entertaining in a sloped backyard. Luckily, you can increase the entertainment space in your yard by installing a timber deck!

During the planning stage, you can choose the size of your deck and customise it to suit your home and your needs. You’ll never have to shorten the guest list again!

Australian Outdoor Living is flexible when it comes to size, shape and style. Our talented team will work with you to design a timber deck perfect for your home.

Elevate your view

If you have a sloped backyard you might also be lucky enough to have a picturesque view of your surroundings.

These could include rolling hills, alpine forests, a striking coastal view or even a colourful urban sprawl.

Whatever your surroundings are, stunning views are naturally going to lure you and your guests outdoors.

However, if your block drops down, you may never have the space to appreciate the great outdoors.

Imagine venturing outside, cup of tea in hand, to make the most of your scenic surroundings from a high vantage point. What a relaxing thought!

Timber decking: a great solution for a sloping backyard - Make the most of your view with a timber deck, Australian Outdoor Living.
Make the most of your view with a timber deck.

Add some much needed privacy

Entertaining outdoors does come with some annoying aspects, such as a lack of privacy. This can be even more relevant if your property is high on a hill.

After all, sloping blocks aren’t limited to the countryside. Yours could lead only to a fence and, behind it, your neighbour’s property.

If a lack of privacy is something that concerns you, you can easily solve it with a pergola and a stylish set of outdoor blinds.

Increase the value of your property

A sloping block of land can be tricky to sell if the landscaping doesn’t suit.

Potential buyers and experienced investors will consider the practicalities of a sloping lawn and the possible hassles of taking care of an unattended gradient.

By not taking the time to present a solution such as timber decking prior to an open inspection, keen-eyed buyers will be hard pressed to envision how the space can potentially evolve.

Investing in your home’s physical structures and surrounding environment will help buyers envision the functionality of the property. Buyers are far more likely to purchase a home which has been properly managed and thoroughly renovated.

Because of this, transforming your property places you front and centre in the mind of prospective buyers.

It makes sense: people love the idea of time spent outside with friends and family appreciating fantastic views.

Now, who said having a sloped property is a hassle?

Timber decking: a great solution for a sloping backyard - A timber deck, along with other renovations such as a pergola or a set of outdoor blinds, will add value to your property, Australian Outdoor Living.
A timber deck, along with other renovations such as a pergola or a set of outdoor blinds, will add value to your property.

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