‘Tis The Season to…Go On Holiday!

AOL loves a good Christmas break as much as the next person and we’re no strangers to a good holiday season. One major concern is often security and wondering who will water your precious shrubs or feed the kitty.


In this day and age, it’s hard to rely on neighbours and during the Christmas period, it’s unfair to ask them to check on your house every few days when they have enough on their plate as it is.

We have some pretty handy security tips that are all available from AOL.

Roller Shutters

These bad boys will keep the heat out over the summer period, plus they stop sneaky passers-by peeping in to see what valuables are lying around.

Artificial Lawn

If you’re away for a while, the old weeds start raising their ugly heads. Everything starts to look a bit dishevelled, but not with artificial lawn. Nobody will know you’ve neglected your lawn with evergreen, lush lawn from AOL.

Overgrown Lawn

Outdoor Blinds

If you’re worried about leaving your expensive outdoor furniture out in the scorching sun, outdoor blinds might help. Often, the furniture can go brittle when exposed to UV rays so wind down your shade blinds and they’ll be a little safer out there in the heat.

Ready to Renovate?

It’s not only over the Christmas period that our products can help. They provide advantages all year round so jump on board Santa’s sleigh and treat yourself to some outdoor style.

AOL wishes all our readers and customers a safe and Merry Christmas and an even better welcome into the New Year. It’s come around quickly and it’s not about to slow down! We’ll see you in January where will have more updates for you.

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